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by William Luce
translated by Dana Lovinescu, adaptation by Radu Beligan and Liviu Dorneanu

director: Tudor Lucanu
set and costumes design: Adriana Grand

Barrymore: Anton Tauf
The prompter: Ruslan Bârlea

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
lighting technicians: Alexandru Corpodean, Mădălina Mânzat
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
sufleor: Ana Maria Moldovan

The American writer William Luce’s monodrama is build around John Barrymore’s biography, an American actor. Barrymore is the name of a famous American family of actors, Lionel, Ethel and John.


Jack Barrymore is at the peak of his career and hangs on to what is left of his performances, especially Richard III and Hamlet, his great world wide succeses. Anton Tauf interprets Richard so finely that the audience is confused, being unaware of the moments when the actor becomes Barrymore, and Barrymore becomes Richard. "Character within the character" in a "theatre within the theatre".



The Best Actor Prize for ANTON TAUF in Barrymore at the 19th edition of Short Theatre Festival in Oradea, 2013.     

Best Actor Prize for ANTON TAUF, at the 19th edition of the Short Theatre Festival in Oradea, 2013.

Ticket prices:

15 lei;

7,5 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Friday, March 29 2013

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h 30 min.