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by Cornel Udrea

director: Tudor Lucanu
set and costumes design: Ioana Olăhuț

Sandu: Ovidiu Crişan
Lia: Adriana Băilescu
Elena: Romina Merei
Marcu: Petre Băcioiu
Dinu: Silvius Iorga
The electrician: Emanuel Petran

Behind the closed courtain, surrounded by props, an actor who will soon retire brings back to life characters, in order to perform with them in a last show. The game starts from the actor’s real life, and the characters are creations of his imagination. Caught between reality and fantasy, the actor shifts between the two. There is only one way to finish the game: to play it until the end.


Tudor Lucanu


Ticket prices:

15 lei;

7,5 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Friday, November 23 2012

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h 10 min.