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by Flavius Lucăcel

director: Sorin Misirianţu
music: Adrian Balint
orchestration: Cătălin Pop
video design: Arhidiade Mureșan

The Joker: Petre Băcioiu
Doruțu: Ruslan Bârlea
Lizet: Anca Hanu
Gina: Patricia Brad
Tamara: Adriana Băilescu
Nubira: Anca Lăcusteanu, Claudia Olteanu

stage manager: Arhidiade Mureşan
lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan
lighting technician: Alexandru Corpodean
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun

Death is for us the absolute non-existance, it is something unthinkable, the nothingness, the abolition of the individual existence and being, the great eternal silence, something which usually happens to the others while we build utopias in the desert. Any human being wishes to live as much as possible, but they can hope for anything except for eternal life... Why did He create everything if he knew what was going to happen? Why did He create mankind if he knew humans would fall? Isn’t the absolute creator omniscient? Doruţu, the Don Juan of the block, is a failed musician, who makes a pact with the Jocker when facing death, a pact which also involves the women who love him. A true cabaret of hell breaks out - an alternative for any desperate man on the planet. A show about broken illusions, unreturned love, parallel existences, life lived dangerously.

Sorin Misirianţu

Ticket prices:

15 lei;

7,5 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Friday, May 11 2012

"Euphorion" Studio