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script by Mona Marian, after Gellu Naum

director: Mona Marian
set and costume design: Eugenia Tărăşescu-Jianu
music: Corina Sîrbu
video design: Cristian Luchian

Naum: Cornel Răileanu
Young Naum: Cristian Rigman
Zenobia: Romina Merei
Sima, The railroad clerk, A father: Petre Băcioiu / Ovidiu Crişan
Iason: Anca Hanu
Dragoş: Radu Lărgeanu
Constantin: Cristian Grosu
Petru: Miron Maxim
Naum’s mother, Maria’s mother: Maria Munteanu
Zoe-Olga, Naum’s sister: Eva Crişan
Gerda, The dead Auntie Linica: Elena Ivanca
Maria, Jeni Pop: Angelica Nicoară
Irina, The young man with a violin: Silvius Iorga

stage manager: Doru Bodrea
lights technician: Dorel Şimon, Alexandru Corpodean
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun
sufleur: Ana Maria Moldovan

"Reading Gellu Naum is an unlimited joy and trying to suggest the theatrical reality of Gellu Naum’s poetics is a dreamlike adventure! A gate opens before your eyes and all you can do is pass through it and enter... Gellu Naum’s dream... The Joy of Being in the only real happiness... as the poet seems to wisper... a happiness that cannot be achieved through any form, wealth, religion, person or event, not through any of the things that can happen... That Joy is one and the same with what you are... are so on..."

Mona Marian

Production part of the "PRIORITY: ROMANIA" program.

Ticket prices:

15 lei;

7,5 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Sunday, March 13 2011

"Euphorion" Studio
1 h 55 min.