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by Marius Benţa

director: Dorin Boca
set and costumes design: Mălina Mândru
set and costumes design assitant: Arhidiade Mureşan
video: Marius Perţa
soundtrack: Marc Anghel

The Guest: Silvius Iorga
Ana: Anca Hanu
Samuel: Miron Maxim

stage manager: Arhidiade Mureşan
lights technician: Alexandru Corpodean
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun

Samuel and Ana are an old couple, living a quite life. In the silence of the evening, Ana seems to constantly hear somebody knocking at the door, but Samuel insists that it is just her imagination, and does not let her open the door. However, they are visited by three uninvited strangers who say they have entered by the window.

The production is part of the "Debut" Program.

Ticket Prices:

15 RON;

7,5 RON - discount for students and senior citizens.


Opening date: Sunday, June 13 2010

"Euphorion" Studio