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by Yasmina Reza
translated to Romanian by Violeta Popa

director: Sorin Misirianţu
set and costumes design: Răzvan Şuhan, Radu Bogdan Lucian

Serge: Dan Chiorean
Marc: Sorin Misirianţu
Yvan: Ruslan Bârlea

stage manager: Constantin Pojonie
lights technician: Jenel Moldovan
sound technician: Vasile Crăciun

Yasmina Reza was born in 1959 and has written five plays in ten years, all translated and widely performed in the world, but it is mainly known as the author of the play Art, staged in 1994 at Comédie des Champs Elysées (where it was sold out), then in Berlin and London. The play was distinguished with the "Molière" Grand Prize for the best author and the best performance (in 1995), Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy (1996) and Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy (1997).

Yasmina Reza studied sociology and dramatic arts. As a student of Jacques Lecoq, she has performed in different theatre companies, in plays by Molière, Marivaux, Sacha Guitry (...).

In Art we are confronted with an unusual situation (the purchase of a white painting, with white stripes) and a man trio - Marc, Serge, Yvan - three types of intellectuals from the end of the 20th Century, that ensure the vivacity of the dialogue and the brilliance of the play. The doctrinaire aesthetical terrorism, but also the moral one, the cultivating of the absurd only for the sake of modern customs, the quasi-caricatured irony of the various psycho-artistic theories are all present in this dialogic space, a wonderful pretext for extrapolation. The play can be seen as a metaphor for the entire society from the end of the millennium.

Information from Dan C. Mihăilescu’s preface

to the Romanian edition of Yasmina Reza’s plays

Ticket prices:

25 lei, 20 lei;

10 lei - discounts for pupils, students, pensioners.

Opening date: Sunday, May 4 2008

"Euphorion" Studio
1h 20 min.