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by Dino Buzzati
translated to Romanian by Cornel Mihai Ionescu

director: Claudiu Goga
set and costumes design: Cristian Rusu

Giovanni Corte: Cornel Răileanu
Professor Claretta: Ionuț Caras
Doctor Malvezzi: Anton Tauf
The mother: Melania Ursu
Gloria: Elena Ivanca
Spanna / The second patient: Petre Băcioiu
Anita: Irina Wintze
Bianca: Ramona Dumitrean
Gobbi / The massive gentleman / The patient from the 3rd floor: Cătălin Herlo
A woman patient: Miriam Cuibus
Professor Schroeder: Cristian Grosu
The nurse / The unknown woman: Anca Hanu
Patient 1: Dan Chiorean
The pale man: Silvius Iorga
Lucia / The second woman patien: Patricia Brad
Mascherini: Ruslan Bârlea
Menti: Ion Marian
The chief nurse: Cătălin Codreanu
Walk-on: Teofil Paşcu, Alexandru Mitrea, David Ovidiu Oprea

stage manager: Estera Biro
lights technician: Jenel Moldovan, Alexandru Corpodan
sound technician: Marius Rusu
sufleur: Ana Maria Moldovan

A Clinical Case is a stage adaptation of The Seven Floors, the short story by Dino Buzzati. The main theme of the play is the disease, which condemns the main character to a progressive deagradation. It is a history of physiological and moral decay, of a fatal descend to death, the history of a man punished by the humiliation provoked by his illness and his doctors. In fact, it is not so much a metaphysical reflection on death, as an attempt to defining the forces that very objectively oppose to human's freedom, will and ambitions. The inquietude, the absurd and the unreal are the main themes of Buzzati's writing, alongside the Kafka like anxious expectation.

Ticket Prices:

25 RON, 20 RON (depending on the seat in the theater);

10 RON - discount for students and senior citizens.

Opening date: Saturday, October 18 2008

Main stage (studio)
2 h 20 min., with an intermiss