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Eugenia Sarvari | Literary Secretary


- doctor in Philology with the paper „Rudolf Steiner - Towards a Spiritual Forms Theatre" (2012);

- graduate of the „Babeş-Bolyai" University - Faculty of Letters - Bachelor diploma in Theatre Art, specialized in Theatre Studies (1999).



- Literary Secretary at the Cluj National Theatre from 2001 to the present:

- directing assisstance at Tadeusz Słobodzianek's Our Class, directed by Bocsárdi László (2015);

- conception and realization of advertising materials (posters, flyers, hall programs, press files) alone or in collaboration with artistic consultant Roxana Croitoru (2001-2014);

- assisstance for the following performances: Sarah Kane's Cleansed (2006) and Patrick Marber's Don Juan in Soho (2007) directed by Andrei Șerban; I.L. Caragiale's Mr. Leonida faces the Reaction, Molière's Tartuffe or The Imposter, directed by Laurian Oniga (2011, 2013); Neil Simon's An Odd Couple, Yasmina Reza's Carnage, directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea (2011, 2014); Flavius Lucăcel's Hell's Cabaret, directed by Sorin Misirianțu (2012); Mihail Sebastian's A Star with No Name, directed by Alexa Visarion (2012); William Luce's Barrymore, directed by Tudor Lucanu (2013); Eugène Ionesco's Oh, What a Bloody Circus, directed by Silviu Purcărete (2013);

- participation in the Imagework training and the Chekhov technique workshop led by David Zinder at the Cluj National Theatre (2-6 May 2011);

- participation in the workshop led by director David Esrig at the Cluj National Theatre (12-14 December 2008);

- participation in the elaboration of spiritual-religious theatre for children coordinated by actor Marian Râlea at the Cluj National Theatre (2006);

- participation in the master-class held by Andrei Şerban at the Cluj National Theatre (2005).


- participation at the SCENE National Conference with international participants, at „Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy, with the paper „Considerents for a Paralelism between Rudolf Steiner's and 20th century Directors' Conception upon Theatre", 17 November 2016;

- participation at the Andrei Șerban Itinerant Academy, Macea, Arad, 12-18 July 2016;

- participation at the Andrei Şerban Itinerant Academy, Mogoşoaia, 8-14 July 2012;

- participation at the Phd Researchers' Summer School, Sinaia 26-30 July 2011 with the paper „Anthroposophical Theatre between Text and Performance. The Goetheanum Theatre Phenomenon";

- participation at the conference held in Paris by Basarab Nicolescu and Michel Cazenave: L'âme, de la matière à l'esprit selon C.G. Jung, colloque du CEFRI-JUNG (2010);

- participation at the Robert Wilson Colloquy, quarante ans de création (Centre Pompidou, Paris), organized by Georges Banu and Maryvonne Saison, during which I heard the lectures De l'acteur sans ombre à l'ombre de l'acteur and Solitudes en partage (2010);

- participation at the conferences held at the Paris Anthroposophic Society by prof. Pierre della Negra: L'oeuvre de Molière en tant qu'expression la plus significative de la culture française; Maurice le Guerrannic: La vie après la mort;

Christophe Dekindt: La question de Perceval, ou le dynamisme de retournement dans la biographie humaine;

Jean Nidecker: Jean-Marie Guyau, un précurseur de l'anthroposophie;

Marie-Fraçoise Tesson: La part du „panseur du coeur" dans le décodage des Images de Cristalisations Sensibles;

- Joseph Hériard Dubreuil - Pensée logique et „pensée du coeur" (2010);

- participation at the Femmes mediatrices et ambivalentes, mythes et imaginaire (rencontre de mythologie comparée Colloquy (2010);

- participation at the anthroposophic lectures, followed by talks, held by writer Fenyö Erwin from Budapest (1994-to the present);

- author of theatre reviews in journals like: Thalia, Cluj Information, The Torch, The Tribune, The Star, The Apostrophe, Theatre Today



- Member of the Theatre Critics International Association from 2013;

- Member of the Theatre Union of Romania, UNITER, from 2001;

- Member of the Universal Anthroposophical Society located in Dornach (Switzerland), from 1994.






- Towards a Theatre of Spiritual Forms. Interferences Between Rudolf Steiner's and 20th century Directors' Theatre Conception, Tracus Arte Publishing, 2015

- Andrei Şerban. Towards a Perpetual New Beginning, Theatre Workshop held at the Cluj National Theatre, book conceived and elaborated by Eugenia Sarvari, Tracus Arte Publishing, 2013


Collective volumes

- „Andrei Şerban" Itinerant Academy- The Workshops Book, collective volume, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing, 2013;

- Vlad Mugur, Performance of Death, file conceived and realized by Marta Petreu and Ion Vartic (Chapter „Actors about their director"), Cluj, Apostrof Library Publishing, 9/2001;


BDI-indexed journals

- The Chronic Life, in Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Dramatica (Eugenio Barba Celebrating 50 years with Odin Teatret), vol. 59 (2014), March, no.1, pp.51-53;- Eugenio Barba and Odin Theatre in Cluj, in Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Dramatica (Eugenio Barba Celebrating 50 years with Odin Teatret), vol. 59 (2014), March, no.1, pp.67-71;


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