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Koós Francisc Iosif


Koós Francisc Iosif



Name: Koós Francisc Iosif

Date of Birth: 13.01.1951

Address: 13 Balzac St., Cluj Napoca

telephone: 0744-547900



Origin, childhood and studies

I come from a typically Transylvanian family: a Romanian mother, a Hungarian father. The grandmother from my mother's side was born in Huța-Certeze of Oas Land, while grandfather was a Bessarabian herdsman. The grandfather from my father's side was Székely-Hungarian, while grandmother was of Austrian-Slovenian origin. At home, we spoke in Hungarian, German and Romanian. I consider myself Hungarian.

I spent my childhood in Satu-Mare.

I was admitted without exam at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of Bucharest. I studied sound and music at the Cinema Studio of Bucharest, at the Institute of Theatre and Cinema Art and at the Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatory of Bucharest. I am proud of having the chance to learn from the greatest professors in the field: Edmond Nicolau, Grigore Moisil, Alexandru Spătaru at Electronics, Tiberiu Olah and Richard Oschanitzky at music, Dan Ionescu and Anusavan Salamanian at sound.

I have been married for 32 years to Monica Dragoș, my partner in life, but also in action.


Making of the electronic music synthesizer and the sound specialization

In the fourth year of faculty I built the first version of a Moog music synthesizer. The device (although rudimentary compared to today's technology) was used for music records and concerts by different bands (including The Phoenix). Later, a more advanced version was made within the Cinema Studio of Bucharest, the electronic sound effects achieved thus being used in several feature and animation films directed by famous names: Ion Popescu Gopo, Sabin Bălașa, Gheorghe Naghi, etc.


In 1973 I became collaborator, then employee of the Cinema Studio of Bucharest.

I worked within the sound section of the research lab (standardization of the microphones measuring, the sound system of the Luceafărul cinema, the analysis and the preparation of the new audio-mixer etc). In the autumn of 1974 I was allowed to build a sound effects synthesizer for the Studio. This device enabled me to work on sound effects in more than 40 feature and animation films, or special command films (films realized for the Home Office, the Ministry of Tourism, or the Army).

Since 1975 I specialized in recording film music, as assistant to master Dan Ionescu. My contribution in several films consists in music recording, as follows:

1974: The Immortals, directed by: S.Nicolaescu. Contribution: recording of the 30 (useful) minutes of music played by the Phoenix band

1975: The Elixir of Youth, directed by Iosif Naghi. 

1975: Hyperion, directed by Mircea Veroiu.

1975: The Mastodon, directed by Virgil Calotescu.

I started working on films soundtrack first as an assistant, then as a titulary. Here is the (incomplete) list of my contributions in productions of films:

1974: Willingly and Unhindered, directed by Maria Dinescu, (in the film, Ana Szeles plays a young Hungarian woman in love with a Romanian lad (Romeo Pop). She speaks both in Hungarian and in Romanian. My contribution, worth to mention, consists in the analysis and transformation of the sound issued by the actress from the open Hungarian "e" to the semi-open Romanian "e"  (approx. 400 interventions).

1975: Fantastic Comedy, directed by Ion Popescu Gopo, (contribution: sound effects realized with the Moog synthesizer).

1975: The Elixir of Youth, directed by Gheorghe Naghi, (electronic sound effects).

1975: Alarm in the Delta, directed by Gheorghe Naghi, (contribution: whites noises, recorded in the Danube Delta).

1975: Through the Empire's Ashes / (Barefoot), directed by Andrei Blaier, (contribution: soundtrack director, with Bogdan Cavadia).

1976: Mother, directed by Elisabeta Bostan, (contribution: partial recording of the music).

1976: Red Apples, directed by Alexandru Tatos, (contribution: final mixing, with Horea Murgu).

1976: Counting Trees, a production in collaboration with Romanian Television, a film in Hungarian, (contribution: recordings and renditions on the devices from Buftea).

1976: Evening Guests, directed by Gheorghe Turcu, (contribution: soundtrack director).

1976: Pintea, directed by Mircea Moldovan, (contribution: soundtrack director). It is worth mentioning that a great part of the music (signed by Mr. Liviu Glodeanu) was realized based on "tzipurituri" recorded in Maramures.

1976: Love Story (The Story of Love), directed by Ion Popescu Gopo, (contribution: sound effects and assistant to master Dan Ionescu).

1977, March. Shooting after the 7 March 1977 earthquake, which affected me deeply.

1977: Happiness is so Close, directed by Andrei Băleanu, (contribution: music recordings and final mixing (titulary Sandu Ureche).

1977: Fire in the Grass (later Special Edition), directed by Mircea Daneliuc, (contribution: music recording, final mixing with the soundtrack director, Horea Murgu).

1977: Klondike (later The Inca's Gold), film in collaboration with Tele-München. (contribution: sound and dialogue recordings (as I am speaking German).

1977: Meeting Again, directed by Traian Roman, (contribution: soundtrack director. I think my musical arrangements helped emphasize the melodramatic side of the film (half of the public was crying at the opening).

1978: The Moment, directed by Gheorghe Vitanidis, (contribution: assistant to master Dan Ionescu, noise recordings).

1978: Ecaterina Teodoroiu, directed by Dinu Cocea, (contribution: assistant to master Dan Ionescu, noise recordings).

1978: The Phalanstery, directed by Savel Stiopul, (contribution: music recording, the soundtrack director being Andrei Coler).


In 1978, I was admitted by exam at the Polytechnic School of Cluj, as Assistant. I remained external collaborator of the Cinema Studio of Buftea until 1986. As external collaborator, I delivered electronic sound effects to the Animafilm Studio until 1985.

Between 1978 and 2004 I taught at the Polytechnic School of Cluj.


Activity in entrepreneurship and culture

In 1994 I founded Jolly Company (S.C. Jollycontor.s.r.l.). The company deals with sanitary appliances and interior design. The company's accomplishments enabled me to launch several cultural projects and develop an activity of sponsorship in the cultural domain.

With this view, I founded in 2010, in the village of Chidea, Cluj county, the Chidea Creation Camp, where several symposiums and camps were organized by actors for actors.



On the other hand, the Jolly company has become in recent years a reliable sponsor of the festival International Meetings in Cluj, organized by the "Lucian Blaga" National Theatre.