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Viorica Samson-Manea

Viorica Samson Manea - a short biography


Economist - specialty Economy of the Industry, with expertise in strategic planning and marketing. Experience in Romania and Australia. Member in the executive committee of the "Metalul Roșu" Company of Cluj Napoca and of the "NEC-Australia" Company of Melbourne.

Trained as an interior designer at London's "KLC School of Design".

I coordinate projects of residential interior design and a commercial project - the clients' reception hall of the "BHP Billiton Diamonds" Company of Antwerp.

I engage directly in charity projects and volunteering projects of art therapy in support of the mentally disabled people. I produce various artistic events with and for the disabled at the Puppet Theatre of Alba Iulia and the Cultural House of Galda de Jos. I organized the personal exhibition "Marginalised Memories" of a talented disabled artist at the Art Galeries of Alba Iulia. I edited and published a disabled poet's poetry volume, My Restless Mind.

I produced independent performances and supported independent theatre activities, such as the project "Culture in the Barn".

In 2011, I produced the short film "Prăbușirea/The Breakdown" directed by Gh. Preda, with a script by Aureliu Manea. In 2012, I edited and published the volume Recaptured Texts, the End of the World will be a Clip by Aureliu Manea, and in the same year I produced the gala performance of Mariana Alcoforado's Portugues Letters - the last performance directed by Aureliu Manea and presented at the Metropolis Theatre of Bucharest.

From 2014 I have been supporting, along with the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, the "Aureliu Manea" Award for the Best Director of the Cluj theatre season.

In 2014, together with the manager of the Turda theatre, Narcisa Pintea, I initiated and helped proceedings for assigning the title of "Aureliu Manea Theatre of Turda", to the town theatre from Turda.


I tirelessly strive to keep alive the memory and the artistic heritage of my brother, director Aureliu Manea.