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7th edition

4-8 October 2017



The present edition, entitled EXTREMES, is an opportunity for the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca to question the power theatre has to confront both its actors and audience with extreme actions, behaviour and situations in nowadays society. We all know which are the rules of the society we live in, but what happens when this rules are broken and the balance of good and evil is turned upside down? Which are the limits of freedom? The limits of exerting one's will upon the others' life? Which are the dysfunctions of a system that can lead to extreme answers in the behaviour of individuals? How do we deal with extremes on stage and on screen: terror, death, war, suicide, totalitarianism, violence, manipulation and fright? A far-reaching theme, which can make us shiver as well as incite us to think, to reconsider extreme outbursts and actions, to become conscious of the importance of the right balance, of tolerance and of profound human values.

Performances such as A Clockwork Orange after Anthony Burgess's novel, directed by Răzvan Mureșan, Playlist by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic, a play about the Romanian revolution of 1989 directed by Tudor Lucanu, The Process after Franz Kafka's novel, directed by Mihaela Panainte, The Goldberg Show, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu, and Andrea Gavriliu's solo dance performance OST, are some of the productions which confront the audience and the actors with extremes, be it through drama, comedy or dance-theatre. To these we added cinematographic experiences to enrich the artistic palette of these festival days with the Extreme Nights of experimental and horror short film screenings, and the avanpremiere of the film Teeth, after Matei Vișniec's play.

And because extremes don't necessarily mean shock and imbalance, but also exploration of opposite poles, of cultural and artistic acts from distant geographical places, this year's edition proposed also booklaunches, an exhibition with extreme books, and a series of conferences about the Far-Eastern Theatre, from Japan, held by Mr. Fumio Owada, respectively about the theatre of extremes in the recent history of European stage, held by the highly esteemed critic George Banu.

The entire program of the International Meetings in Cluj has been realised due to the constant support received from the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity, from the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council, from our partners and generous sponsors. We hereby thank them all and express our gratitude towards our Partners: the Conexio Association (Mrs Maia Banciu), Bombardier, Jolly (to Mr. Feri Koós), Mario Dance Atelier (Mrs Ramona Grosu and Mr Mario Grosu), Aegon, our special sponsors: Nova Service Ferro Group (Mr Dan Ionuțaș), Class Shoe (Mrs Lena Bejan and Mr Sorin Grindean), Ax Perpetuum (Mrs Alice Pitic), Match Point (Mr Ciprian Banciu), Baracca Restaurant (Mrs Maria Dunca and Mr Dan Dunca), Liberty Technology Park (Mrs Nina Moldovan), BCR, "Floarea Ta" Flowershop (Mrs Crucița Câmpean), Profi Auto - Toyota dealer (Mrs Noemi Coman), for the official cars. We are also grateful our friend Mrs Viorica Samson Manea, to our institutional partners: The National Theatre in Iași, the Persona Association, ClujShortsISFF, The Faculty of Theatre and Television, The Art Museum in Cluj, the Octavian Goga Library, Casa Tiff, BookStory bookshop and to our media partners for accompanying us along this project.





Dear spectators, esteemed guests,


This year, the 7th edition of the International Meetings in Cluj, entitled Extremes, is represented by the fabulous image of a character born from the imagination of the great Surrealist Romanian painter Jules Perahim (1914-2008). Established in 1969 in Paris, Perahim was also a fascinating drawer, full of humor, and a clever, visionary set designer, with an aesthetical approach close to that of the constructivist stage machine. The last performance Perahim worked on before leaving for France was in fact one produced here, at the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca: Caligula by Camus, directed by Vlad Mugur, in 1969.


Taking into consideration not only this historical relationship with the National Theatre, but also the incredible modernity and relevance of his extremely expressive drawings, confronting us today with the extremes in the inexhaustible game of the artistic imagination, one of his characters thus became the perfect icon for this year's edition of our festival.



We hence express our gratitude and special thanks to Mrs. Marina Vanci-Perahim, art historian, emeritus professor at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France, for her generosity in allowing the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca to use Jules Perahim's work of art as the emblematic image of this edition of the International Meetings in Cluj.




4 October

17:30, "Euphorion" Studio

OST (Organic Sound Twist), concept, choreography, performance, music, text and sweat: Andrea Gavriliu


19:00, Main hall

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess, director: Răzvan Mureșan


22:00, "Euphorion" Studio

EXTREME NIGHTS, short film screenings (experimental film). With an introduction by Ioan Pop-Curșeu (ClujShorts IFF Jury President)


5 October

11:00, "Euphorion" Studio

Book and magazine launches:

-Robert Cohen, A Director's Theatre. The Romanian Theatre from an American Perspective, translation by Carmen Borbely and Anca Măniuțiu, compiled and edited by Anca Măniuțiu, Casa Cărții de Știință Publishing House, 2017 - presented by Anca Măniuțiu

-Studia UBB Dramatica (1/2017), Thematic issue: "Narrative Structures in Contemprary Performing Arts" academic journal of Theatre Studies - presented by Ștefana Pop-Curșeu

-Hystrio magazine (Italy) - featuring a selection dedicated to Romanian theatre - presented by Irina Wolf


17:00, "Euphorion" Studio

OST (Organic Sound Twist), concept, choreography, performance, music, text and sweat: Andrea Gavriliu


20:30, "Euphorion" Studio

WHY, ANTON PAVLOVICI CEHOV?, after The Chekhov Machine by Matei Vișniec, director: Cătălin Bocîrnea


6 October

11:00, "Euphorion" Studio

Book and magazine launches:

-Roxana Croitoru and Irina Zlotea, Ștefan Braborescu - a portrait made of fragments Fundația Culturală Camil Petrescu, 2017, presented by Florica Ichim and Ion Vartic.

-Eugenia Sarvari, Anton Tauf between vocation and damnation, Fundația Culturală Camil Petrescu, 2017, in the presence of the actor Anton Tauf, with an introduction by Cornel Țăranu and Anca Hațiegan.


18:00, Art Museum, Tonitza hall

Lecture by George Banu: The Extremes of Theatre and The Theatre of the Extremes, moderated by Ștefana Pop-Curșeu

Book launch: George Banu - The Door, an intimate geography, translation by Anca Măniuțiu, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House 2017 -presented by Monica Andronescu and Anca Măniuțiu.


20:30, Main hall

GOD'S PLAYGROUND, concert-performance with Alexander Bălănescu and Ada Milea



7 October

11:00, "Euphorion" Studio

Presentation on Japanese Traditional Theatre held by Mr. Fumio Owada (Japan Arts Council)       


16:00, Casa TIFF

Film Screening - Sneak preview:

TEETH, after Matei Vișniec, film director: Rareș Stoica - followed by discussions with the author, director and the main actors


18:30, "Euphorion" Studio

PLAYLIST by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic, stage director: Tudor Lucanu



20:30, Main hall

GOLDBERG SHOW - THE MAKING OF THE WORLD AND OTHER HAPPENINGS, after Goldberg Variations by George Tabori, stage director: Mihai Măniuţiu - a production of the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre Iași


8 October

20:00, Main hall

THE TRIAL, after Franz Kafka, director: Mihaela Panainte


22:00, "Euphorion" Studio

EXTREME NIGHTS, short film screenings (horror film). With an introduction by Ioan Pop-Curșeu (ClujShorts IFF Jury President)




Throughout the event the halls of the National Theatre will host the exhibition: The Extremes of Books