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In welcoming its Centenary, the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca organizes a series of conferences on topics concerning the history, the creative path and the role played by the institution along the 100 years since its emergence on the artistic, cultural and political stage, both local and national. We want to offer our public this special anniversary gift, to open debates and touch upon challenging topics, to discover together, from different perspectives, new details about the National Theatre of Cluj and its productions.

The conferences will be held by outstanding personalities of culture, by prominent speakers from Cluj and from the country. The entrance to the events is free.



The opening conference of the Series of Conferences TNCluj 100 (The National Theatre of Cluj 100), The Achitecture of the Building of the National Theatre, was held by architect professor Virgil Pop on 27 March 2019, within the Gates Open Day.


Every time we pass by the building of the National Theatre and Opera of Cluj-Napoca, we turn our heads to admire its elegance, its imposing and majestic character. Even if we know nothing about its architecture style, we are enthralled with the curve lines of the window frames, with its sumptuous and refined entrance, which leads the viewer's eye on a vertical scale of bright windows, framed by the two towers, towards the central lyre that epitomizes the courage of mythic Orpheus and the redeeming power of Art. For over one hundred years, the dramatic and lyric artists from Cluj have stood for the very vision embodied by this building, which was designed by some of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's greatest architects: Fellner and Helmer.