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On Monday, April 24, took place the conference regarding the premiere of the production The Trial by Franz Kafka, which you are invited to attend on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at 7 p.m., on the theatre's main stage.

The press conference was attended by the production's director, Mihaela Panainte, set designer Helmut Stürmer and the actors Ionuț Caras, Elena Ivanca, Patricia Brad, Angelica Nicoară, Adrian Cucu, Cristian Grosu, Matei Rotaru, Radu Lărgeanu and Cristian Rigman.


The discussions, moderated by Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, the theatre's artistic director, focused on interesting subjects, from the modernity of Kafka's text to the set designer's relationship with the director and actors, to the challenges posed by David Esrig's acting method and the actors' experience when confronted with Kafka, a difficult author who left no part of the human subconscious unanalysed.  

ANNOUNCEMENT No. 990 from 07.04.2017: THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE CONTEST for the vacant CONTRACTUAL positions of Economist IA and Economist I



Following the contest organized on  04.04.2017, for the permanent positions of economist IA and economist I, the results are:

ANNOUNCEMENT No. 989/07.04.2017 regarding the interview results for occupying the vacant contractual positions of Economist I and Economist IA. After the interviews, the committee announces the following results:

The results of the appeals of the written test for occupying the vacant contractual position of Economist I, within the Accounting Financial Service, Central Treasury

In accordance with art. 34 al. 2 of H 286/2011, the appeal committee announces the following results following Mrs. Ceaca Elena-Maria's appeal, registered with no. 973/05.04.2017:



Name and surname of candidate


Appeal result




Ceaca Elena-Maria


         50 points


In accordance with art. 34, al.1, lit. b of H 286/2011


Appeal committee:

Patachi Maria - president of the committee

Horga Emilia - member of the committee

Tolan Leontina - member of the committee

Muntean Roxana-Florica - committee secretary