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Job opening

In accordance with H.G. no. 286/2011, "Lucian Blaga"  National Theatre from Cluj-Napoca will organize, on 04.04.2017, a contest for the following job openings:  


-       1 position economist IA, within the Public Acquisitions Department;

-       1 position economist I, within the Financial Accounting Service, the Central Tresury

Changes in the schedule for March

Dear spectators,


We would like to inform you that, for reasons beyond our control, the performance ART scheduled for 19 March will be replaced with a representation of THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.

Purchased tickets are valid for the performance on 19 March.

Tickets purchased at the Theatre's Ticket Agency can be changed or reimbursed, on request, at the Ticket Agency, no later than 19 March.

Tickets purchased online on, can be reimbursed by contacting the company's legal representatives at:, until 19 March.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you at our performances. 

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reprises today, March 10th, at the Euphorion Studio, the performance The Aureliu Manea Trilogy, director Gábor Tompa, which premiered four years ago. As this spring, on March 13th, we are commemorating three years since the "visionary" Aureliu Manea left this world, we believe it's fitting to remember the time this extraordinary director worked at our theatre together with Roxana Croitoru, our artistic consultant, and the beloved actor Anton Tauf.


Roxana Croitoru, for which productions did you assist Aureliu Manea?



No, I don't think "assist" is the correct word. It was during my first years at the National Theatre and I had the opportunity - the play of chance - to be there for rehearsals of some of Manea's productions: The Mistress of the Inn by Carlo Goldoni (1979), The Second Consciousness by Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea (1984), The Execution is repeated by Mircea Vaida (1984), Under the Moonlight by Teodor Mazilu (1986).

Elena Ivanca was first invited at the Sterija Theatre in  Vršac by the late writer Petru Cîrdu in 2007, when he made the production Shoots on the lyrics of the Serbian poet of Romanian origin Vasko Popa.

Now she performs in a dostoevskian production, The Culprit by Ion Băieșu, where neither the protagonist, who many years after the crime still cannot forgive her boyfriend's killer, nor the culprit, can overcome the dramatic situation. So, when justice is done, she will consider herself a culprit as well: the guilty one cannot silence his consciousness and commits suicide.


The actress shared a few thoughts about this production and about collaborating with the Sterija Theatre.