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CARNIVAL by I.L. Caragiale opens at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre on Saturday 4 February 2012 at 7pm in the Main Auditorium.

"The world that Caragiale’s theatre gives back to each audience generation is inevitably recognizable, firstly because of its despairing contemporaneity. Any kind of Romanian context, historical, cultural or social, places on the stage of our quotidian the characters depicted by Caragiale with the unequalled brilliancy of a creator, sociologist and political analyst. How could a director not fall intro the traps, similar to a prescriptive space, set by the playwright years ago?" says the director Mona Marian about the production.

Directed by: Mona Marian; Designer: Eugenia Tărăşescu-Jianu; Music: Corina Sîrbu.

Cast: Nae Girimea - CRISTIAN GROSU; Iancu Pampon - OVIDIU CRIŞAN; Mache Razachescu, also known as "Crăcănel" - ADRIAN CUCU; Candidate for the Revenue Office - CRISTIAN RIGMAN; Iordache, Girimea’s aid - RADU LĂRGEANU; Didina Mazu - ROMINA MEREI; Miţa Baston - ELENA IVANCA / RAMONA DUMITREAN; Moving citizens - SILVIUS IORGA, MIRON MAXIM, PATRICIA BOARU, ADRIANA BĂILESCU, CĂTĂLIN CODREANU, ANCA HANU.

We would like to submit to your attention the following changes in the program for January:

The performances WUTHERING HEIGHTS, based on Emily Bronte’s novel. and A MIDSEUMMERS NIGHT DREAM by William Shakespeare scheduled for 19 January, respectively for 21 January will be canceled.

The performance ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST by Dale Wasserman scheduled for 22 January will be replaced by the performance THE INSPECTOR GENERAL by N.V. Gogol, and it will start at 6:30pm.

The performance ZENOBIA based on Gellu Naum’s novel scheduled for 24 January will be replaced with HOW TO EXPLAIN THE HISTORY OF COMMUNISM TO MENTAL PATIENTS by Matei Vişniec.

The changes are due to medical reasons.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

STEPS – Winter Concert special performance on Tuesday 20 December at 9pm

Due to the numerous request for tickets, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will present an extra-performance of STEPS - WINTER CONCERT presenting Ioan Bocşa and the "Icoane" Romanian Traditional Music Ensemble, on Tuesday 20 December 2011 at 9pm.

STEPS - Winter Concert opens at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre on Tuesday 13 December at 7pm, in the Main Auditorium. The concert-performance presents Ioan Bocşa and "Icoane" Romanian Traditional Music Ensemble.

Directed by: Andreea Iacob; artistic consultant: Diana Todea; designer: Valentin Codoiu; video design: Marius Mureşan.

With: IOAN BOCȘA and the members of "Icoane" Romanian Traditional Music Ensemble: Dan Avram, Ioan Bădău, Sabin Belceanu, Larisa Boiciuc, Adriana Botiş, Andreea Buşta, Diana Cârlig, Andrada Chindriş-Codorean, Ionuţ Ciutre, Bianca Comşa, Gheorghe Coroiu, Cristian Crişan, Mircea Derţa, Radu Dragomir, Tiberiu Drăgan, Viorela Filimon, Gheorghe Furduiu, Marian Gogan, Mihaela Grindean, Mihaela Iacob, Bianca Iacoboni, Cezara Iuteş, Oana Matei, Ionela Măhăra, Amalia Moldovan, Iuliana Morozan, Silviu Muntean, Marcel Ola, Andra Pătraş, Sergiu Pop, Claudia Popa, Sanda Puşcaş, Paul Remeş, Andrada Ruşti, Ana Sambriţchi, Ionuţ Secară, Bianca Silaghi, Oana Spătăceran, Alina Stan, Simona Strat, Diana Todea, Florica Todica, Ecaterina Ţambalist, Larisa Uţa, Cosmin Verde, Daniela Vesa, Ancuţa Vlad, Diana Voişan. Trio Transilvan: Ovidiu Barteş, Traian Covrig, Zeno Zanc. At the semantron: Ioan Josan.