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The vacation is over and thus the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre restarts its activity!


This week rehearsals began for the first opening of the season which will take place on September 25th - DON JUAN by Molière, director Roberto Bacci (Italy), set design Marcio Medina (Brazil), dramaturgy Stefano Geraci (Italy), assistant directors Silvia Pasello (Italy) and Maria Rotar, costume assistant Ilona Lorincz, lighting design Jenel Moldovan.


This is Roberto Bacci's third collaboration with the National Theatre, after his successes with HAMLET by William Shakespeare, in 2012, and THE CHERRY ORCHARD by A.P. Chekhov,in 2014, and his familiar to both actors and the Cluj audience.

Roberto Bacci is one of the most important theatre professionals in Europe and is the artistic director of Teatro della Toscana and the founder of Fondazione Pontedera Teatro in Italy.


At the same time, the director Andreea Iacob started rehearsals for the production SELFIE, based on her own script. Conceived in partnership with the Gherla Maximum Security Penitenciary, the Cluj-Napoca exterior section, the productions' cast is made entirely of women inmates. The script is based on the real stories of the incarcerated women that take part in this production, not just by acting, but also by sharing fragments, images and emotions from the history of their families. The production will be included in the repertoire of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and will be presented several times. Thus, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre becomes the first public institution from Romania to embark in such a community project.

From 3 to 9 October, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will organize the sixth edition of the International Meetings in Cluj, this year entitled In Search of the Author.


Numerous directors and international theatre festival coordinators have announced their presence, from countries like USA, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Holland, France, Israel, the Czeck Republic, Poland, Denmark, Slovenia or Ukraine. Together with them, important cultural personalities from Romania will also attend the productions and debates offered by this year's edition of the festival. The audience will be able to see productions from the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, "Tony Bulandra" Theatre, Târgoviște and "Aureliu Manea" Theatre from Turda.


The program of the International Meetings in Cluj is available here  


The season will continue with other premieres and important events such as: A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess, director Răzvan Mureșan, PLAYLIST by C.C. Buricea-Mlinarcic, director Tudor Lucanu, and in December we will celebrate 18 years since the premiere of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST by Dale Wasserman, based on the novel of the same name by Ken Kesey, director Marius Oltean.


Tickets for the September and October performances are available as of September 6th at the Ticket Agency in Ştefan cel Mare Square, no 14, tel. 0264.595.363, Email:


Online tickets can be purchased as of September 1st by accessing the website


We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!


Ionuţ Caras, actor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, invited to the International Theatre Festival from Almada, Portugal

At the invitation of the manager of the International Theatre Festival in Almada, the most important such event in Portugal, Ionuţ Caras, actor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, will hold a number of 10 theatre workshops for pupils from several specialized schools in Almada. The workshops will be conducted in English, from 5 to 12 July, 11:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m., at the "Joaquim Benite"  Municipal Theatre in Almada (Sala de Ensaios). Registration is free for students and festival subscribers and can be made by sending a CV to the following email address:


The 33rd edition of the festival takes place from 4 to 18 July. At this edition, Romania will be represented by the actor Ionuţ Caras, as well as by the animated objects production Conference of the Birds by Farid Udin Attar, played by actors from the  "Țăndărică" Theatre in Bucharest, presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute, together with the Almada Theatre Company.


In 2015, the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre participated at the International Theatre Festival in Almada with the productions The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Chekov and The spectator sentenced to death by Matei Vișniec.


Further details about the festival are available here


The Cluj-Napoca National Theatre production EVERY TZARA HAS HIS DADA (The Ghost of Elsinore) by Ion Pop, Ștefana and Ioan Pop-Curșeu, will be presented today, Friday, 24 June, at the UNTEATRU independent theatre in Bucharest. The performance will start at 07:30 p.m. Further details are available here.

The director of the production is Ştefana Pop-Curşeu, set designers: Filip Odangiu, Rareș Stoica, Video and sound design: Rareș Stoica, choreography: Cătălin Codreanu, humbugs: Cristian Grosu, lighting design: Jenel Moldovan.  Cast: Tristan Tzara: Filip Odangiu, Saint Gargal, Marcel Iancu and other characters: Rareș Stoica, Saint Casdoas, Hugo Ball and other characters: Cătălin Codreanu, Saint Govdela, Richard Huelsenbeck and other characters: Cristian Grosu, Maya and other characters: Ştefana Pop-Curşeu.  Stage manager: Constantin Pojonie, lights technician: Mădălina Mânzat, Ionuț Maier, sound techinician: Vlad Negrea 

"Borrowing the structure of the Dada play Mouchoir de Nuages (Cloud Handkerchief), the production Every Tzara Has His Dada brings to stage the impressive Dada artistic legacy, thus celebrating one hundred years since the emergence of this avant-garde movement that shook the foundations of traditional art and encouraged the modernist developments in Art History Dramaturgically constructed from Tristan Tzara's texts (manifestos, poetry, theatre), as well as from the correspondence with his friends and their writings, the production rememorizes, in a Dada manner, the biography of the poet Tzara, from his departure from Romania and the first soirees at Cabaret Voltaire, to the moment of the self-dissolution of the Dada movement, of Tzara's disconnection with surrealism and of his seeking refuge in studying the anagrams of François Villon's works. The spectators will witness a hallucinatory collage-story, in which the theatre opens its doors to the dada manifestos, the simultaneous poems, the black songs, the approximate man, the rituals, the friendships and discords of these young, exalted, art vigilantes, all appearing as happy and sad ghosts bearing avant-garde masks." (Ștefana Pop-Curșeu)

The production is made within the "Dada 100: life / art / museum" Project, realized in partnership with the Faculty of Theatre and Television BBU Cluj and Persona Association.