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After the Bucharest success of the productions OUR CLASS and FLOOR COVERING, invited to the National Theatre Festival, the tours of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will continue in November. Six productions of our theatre, OUR CLASS, DEATH AND REINCARNATION AS A COWBOY, THE ISLAND, ROMEO AND JULIET, EVERY TZARA HAS HIS DADA and SELFIE will go on tour this month, in the country (in Ploiești, Piatra-Neamț, Arad, Bucharest) and abroad (Rome).

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre to participate with two productions in the National Theatre Festival

The productions OUR CLASS by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, director Bocsárdi László, and FLOOR COVERING by Vladimir and Oleg Presniakov, director Alexandru Dabija, have been invited to participate within the most prestigious Romanian theatre festival, the National Theatre Festival in Bucharest.


OUR CLASS will be performed on October 25, 7:00 p.m., and October 26, 9:00 p.m., at the Bulandra Theatre, Liviu Ciulei Hall, and FLOOR COVERING will be performed on October 27, at 6:00 p.m., and on October 28, at 8:00 p.m., in the same hall.


The 26th edition of the National Theatre Festival will take place from 21 to 30 October. The artistic director of the festival is the theatre critic Marina Constantinescu. The complete program, as well as details about the festival, available here.  

The team of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will participate at the festival FESTin on the Boulevard, organized by the Nottara Theatre, with the production Death and reincarnation as a cowboy by Rodrigo García, directed by Andrei Măjeri. The performance will take lave on October 16th at 9:00 p.m., in the George Constantin Hall of the Nottara Theatre.

The fourth edition of the International Festival - FESTin on the Boulevard will take place this year in two stages, from 10 to 22 October, and from 23 to 24 November (the Multi Art EXIT Section). The 2016 edition is dedicated to those that have helped the Nottara Theatre regain its "home" on Magheru Boulevard 20. The festival comprises 31 performances (from Bucharest: Bulandra, Metropolis, Nottara, Odeon, The Art Theatre, Țăndărică, from the country: Arad, Brașov, Brăila, Cluj, Constanța, Iași, Timișoara, Târgoviște, from abroad: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Moldavia, Serbia, Slovenia) in 13 days of festival! At the same time, the festival will host a street event, a theatre photo exhibition, 3 reading performances, 4 book launches and 3 colloquiums which will enrich this years' edition.

The complete program of the festival is available here.



Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes on 08.11.2016, at 10.00 a.m. at its headquartes in Ștefan cel Mare Square, no.2-4, in accordance with HG. no. 286/2011, for approving the Regulation-framework concerning the general principles for occupying a vacant or temporary position in accordance with the contractual positions and promotion criteria for the public sector employees, a contest for occupying the following vacant execution position:

1. WORKER SET DESIGN HANDLER AND MOUNTER II - 1 position available indeterminately  Specific conditions for occupying the position:

- Specialized studies: medium studies, basic technical qualification (represents and advantage)

- Work experience: minimum 3 years


- Willingness to work long hours under certain conditions;