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The production, OUR CLASS by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, directed by László Bocsárdi, received The Award for Best Production of 2015, within the UNITER Award Gala. Considered the most prestigious award of the event, the moment was also special because it was handed by the film actress Jaqueline Bisset. The manager of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Mihai Măniuţiu, and the artistic director, Ştefana Pop-Curşeu, received this award on behalf of the creative team and of the theatre.


This was director Bocsárdi László's first collaboration with the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and his team consisted of the actors Sânziana Tarţa, Irina Wintze, Anca Hanu, Cristian Rigman, Radu Lărgeanu, Miron Maxim, Cătălin Herlo, Ovidiu Crişan, Matei Rotaru, Ionuţ Caras, Boros Csaba, as well as of Bartha József (set design), Kiss Zsuzsanna (costumes), Benedek Zsolt (dramaturgy), Boros Csaba (music and co-repetition), Cristian Pascariu (video), Adela Bihari (co-repetition assistant), Adrian Strâmtu (step instructor), Eugenia Sarvari (assistant director), Jenel Moldovan (lighting design).


The 24th edition of the UNITER Awards Gala took place on 9 May 2016 at the "Regina Maria" Theatre in Oradea. For this award, the production OUR CLASS was nominated alongside the productions The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy, directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu, UnTeatru Theatre, Bucharest,and The Ease by Attila Bartis, director Radu Afrim, Târgu-Mureş National Theatre, "Tompa Miklós" Company. The UNITER Awards Gala annually rewards the best artists and productions of the previous year. An initial jury selects the artists and productions which will later enter the competition, and a second jury decides, on the night of the Gala, through secret vote, the winner in each category. The Gala is organized by UNITER, The Theatre Union of Romania. This year, the selection jury consisted of Claudiu Groza, Doina Papp, Cristina Rusiecki, and the final jury of Alice Georgescu, Ozana Oancea, Viorica Petrovici, Mircea Morariu, Alexa Visarion.


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre would like to thank UNITER for this award which honors the entire team and would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners of the event!


The list of winners and nominees is available here.



We invite to share our joy for this award at our next performance with OUR CLASS, on 17 May, 07.00 p.m., at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.


The choreographer Vava Ștefănescu and the actor Sorin Leoveanu received the titles of Knights in the Order of "Cultural Merit", category D- "Performance Arts" offered by the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, as a sign of appreciation for their remarkable contributions to increasing the prestige of Performance Arts, for their distinct involvement in promoting the Romanian Theatre and Cinema within the country and abroad.


Further details available here.


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre announces the preview of the production FLOOR COVERING by Vladimir and Oleg Presnyakov, translation: Mașa Dinescu, within the Program "Theatre-forum", which will take place on the Main Stage Tuesday, 26 April 2016, at 07:00 p.m.. The opening will take place on Sunday, 8 May 2016, at 07:00 p.m.. Director: Alexandru Dabija; set design and costumes: Adriana Grand; music: Ada Milea; light design: Jenel Moldovan. Cast: Cătălin HerloRadu LărgeanuIonuț CarasCristian GrosuMatei RotaruPatricia BradAdrian CucuAnca HanuCristian RigmanSînziana TarțaDiana BulugaAlexandra TarceSorin LeoveanuEcaterina Pop-CurșeuRobert Nagy

Two individuals rent an apartment in a poor neighborhood and decide to refurbish it. Beneath the linoleum covered floor they find a dead body that they want to get rid of, but the landlord appears and discovers that the victim is of the two individuals. In order to get rid of the body a delirious odyssey begins. Among other plans, they decide to take it to the airport, drag it on the tarmac and stage the unknown person's death: "We must go and see where it is the least dangerous to drag him through the airport...choose a flight and throw him under it...we must check the flight schedule". At the airport they meet a Boy who tells them about the famous Russian pianist Anton Rubinstein and how close he was, because of a border control error, to being deported to Siberia. But the dead body begins to move and then the worlds mix together as the dead body tells them: "I suggest you quietly go over what has happened to you today (...)?! And how come you can hear and see me, the dead guy - don't you realize? That's because you too are..." 

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre announces the premiere of the production Call it art! concept by Alexa Băcanu and Leta Popescu, which will take place at the "Euphorion" Studio, Wednesday, 27 April 2016, at 07:00 p.m.. Text: Alexa Băcanu,  director: Leta Popescu,  set design: Cristian Rusu,  stage movement: Sinkó Ferenc,  video: Lucia Mărneanu, Alexandru Lupea, light design: Jenel Moldovan,  music: Dan Aga.  Cast: Miriam Cuibus,  Ramona Dumitrean,  Elena Ivanca,  Miron Maxim, Bogdan Rădulescu

Call it art! discusses in a theatrical manner one of the greatest contemporary questions: what is art today? or better yet, when is what we are told is art actually Art?  The production is based on interactions with the audience who are invited to express their view on one of the six contemporary art pieces exposed above some tanks containing yellow, purple, blue, orange, green and red liquids. Although the order they appear on stage may be random, the lectures on contemporary art (where Marcel Duchamp or Damien Hirst have honorary positions), the performance moments, the TV shows against "art", the interviews with artists, all contribute in a funny and intelligent manner to seeking an answer beyond the fanaticism of the for or against extremes. And the spectator... must choose a side.