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The production of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, American Dream by Nicoleta Esinencu, director Leta Popescu, participates these days at the Fast Forward Festival in Braunschweig, Germany.


The 5th edition of the Fast Forward Festival, a European Festival for young directors, takes place 19 to 22 November 2015 and will present productions from seven European countries, selected by the curator Barbara Engelhardt. In the last evening of the festival, a jury will award one of the seven productions and will give the winning creators the opportunity to design a production within Staatstheater in the following theatre season. More information about the festival available here.


American Dream will be performed twice during the festival, on the 20th and the 21st of November.  

The production APOLODOR participates at the Contemporary Drama Festival in Braşov

The concert-performance APOLODOR, by Ada Milea, based on Gellu Naum's text, will participate at the 26th edition of the Contemporary Drama Festival in Braşov. The performance will be presented during the last day of the festival, 23rd November, and it will be a gala performance, following the Award Ceremony.


This year's edition takes place between 16 and 23 November 2015. The complete program of the festival is available here

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre will host the four performances invited this year at the Comedy International Film Festival. As a result, the performance 39 steps, director: Gabriela Dumitru, set design: Vladimir Turturică, soundtrack: Andrei Petre-Tatu, choreography: Ştefan Lupu, graphics: Valentin Fiscu, photo & video: Costin Rusu, with: Ştefan Lupu, Andreea Grămoşteanu, Viorel Cojanu, Claudia Prec, Bogdan Talaşman, production of the Small Theatre in Bucharest, will be presented on Monday, 19 October, 07.30 p.m., at the  "Euphorion" Studio.  

The National Theatre launches, for the first time in Romania, a live national and international streaming of some of the most sought after performances included in the Festival program: MEIN KAMPF, production of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre (the performance that opens the festival), THE STAR WITHOUT A NAME, production of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" European Cultural Center for UNESCO, as well as of the production BISONS. URBAN FABLE #2, from the "Radu Stanca" National Theatre in Sibiu. The live transmission will be broadcast in five big Romanian cities (Bucureşti, Braşov, Constanţa, Piteşti, Timişoara), but also abroad, thanks to a first time partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute, which will facilitate the viewing of these performances within the quarters of RCI Wien, RCI London and the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre in Chişinău.