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Dear spectators, 


The technical problems from the Art Club Studio have been resolved and tonight’s performance, The Spectator sentenced to death, will be reprised at 09.30 PM.


Tickets are available for this representation (9 October, 09.30 PM) or they can be reimbursed at the Ticket Agency no later than 31 October 2014.

We apologize for the inconveniences!

We look forward to seeing you at our performances!

The most important event of the fall at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is represented by the 4th edition of The International Meetings in Cluj - The ways of freedom (8-12 October 2014). The program of the event will be rich, comprising nine productions of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and a guest production, as well as debates and round tables which allow for these productions to be categorized according to genre (political theatre, dance theatre, theatre and circus, classical theatre) and for our theatre’s activity to be in touch with contemporary international cultural issues.


The detailed program of the event is available here. 

The event will present two premieres, The Extraterrestrial Clowns, script and directing Eli Simon and Mein Kampf by George Tabori, director Alexandru Dabija, together with the performances Swing, by Vava Ştefănescu; As you like it based on William Shakespeare, director Uray Peter; Amalia takes a deep breath by Alina Nelega, director Tudor Lucanu; The spectator sentenced to death by Matei Vişniec, director Răzvan Mureşan; How to explain the history of Communism to mental patients by Matei Vişniec, director Mona Marian; The Moebius Strip by Robert Cohen, director Răzvan Mureşan; The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Chekhov, director Roberto Bacci. Our guest performance is Don Quijote based on Cervantes, director Mihai Măniuţiu, a production of the "Liviu Rebreanu" Company from the Târgu-Mureş National Theatre.


The debates will focus on the following topics: Dance theatre and the Romanian public (debate moderated by Dan C. Mihăilescu, with the participation of Péter Uray and Vavei Ştefănescu); Literature and totalitarianism, epic and aesthetic. Debates, questions, polemics in the 3rd millennium (round table moderated by Ruxandra Cesereanu, with the participation of Ion Vianu, Angelo Mitchievici, Liviu Antonesei, Marius Oprea, Virgiliu Ţârău, Doru Radosav, Cosmin Budeanca, Ion Bogdan Lefter); Face vs. mask: in search of identity (debate with Robert Cohen and Eli Simon); The classical theatre on the contemporary stage (debate with Cătălin Ştefănescu, Roberto Bacci and Stefano Geraci).


During the book launches the following titles will be presented: Janovics - creatorul Hollywood-ului transilvan / Janovics - az erdélyi Hollywood megteremtője / JANOVICS - the creator of the Transylvanian Hollywood by Zakariás Erzsébet, editor: Andreea Iacob, translators: Krisztina Julianna Czégényi, Andreea Iacob, Eugen Wohl, Adriana Stan, Mária Kovács, Tracus Arte Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014; Lettre internationale Romanian edition/summer 2014 (no. 90); The literary citadel (magazine), the complete collection in an anastatic edition; the bipolar volume "Caragiale in his time" by Camil Petrescu - The trial of "comrade Camil" by Ion Vartic; On theatre by Tadeusz Kantor, selection, preface and notes: Krzysztof Pleśniarowicz, translator: Sabra Daici.


The event will gather over 60 guests from Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, France, Italy, USA, Hungary, Great Britain. 

The actress ANCA HANU from the Cluj Napoca National Theatre won the Award for Best Actress at the Short Theatre Festival from Oradea, for her portrayal of the main character from AMALIA TAKES A DEEP BREATH, by Alina Nelega, directed by Tudor Lucanu. The 20th edition of the festival took place from 21-28 September, 2014.

The productions from the competition had been selected by the theatre critic Ion Parhon. The members of the jury were Maria Zărnescu (theatre critic, teaching assistant UNATC), Elisabeta Pop (theatre critic), Mircea M. Ionescu (playwright), Adi Carauleanu (actor and artistic director of the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Theatre from Iași) and Alexa Visarion (director and script writer), the president of the jury.

The complete list of nominees and winners is available here.

The American director Eli Simon continues the tale began on the stage of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre with War of the clowns, with a new production, The Extraterrestrial Clowns. This first preview of the new theatre season will take place on the main stage, on Tuesday, 23 September, 2014, 7pm. The premiere will take place on 10 October, 7pm, during the Cluj International Meetings (8-12 October 2014).


Script and directing: Eli Simon

Set designer: Cristian Rusu

Music: Vincent Olivieri

Assistant director: Leta Popescu

Lighting designer: Jenel Moldovan


Cast: Adriana Băilescu, Ruslan Bârlea, Patricia Brad, Dan Chiorean, Cătălin Codreanu, Ramona Dumitrean, Anca Hanu, Cătălin Herlo, Silvius Iorga, Elena Ivanca, Radu Lărgeanu, Miron Maxim, Angelica Nicoară, Dragoş Pop, Cristian Rigman, Matei Rotaru, Alexandra Tarce, Irina Wintze and  Ada Milea


The clown saga, began in 2012 with War of the Clowns, continues now with the tale of those which, forced to abandon their home planet, end up, alone and rejected by everybody, on Earth. Adorable and naïve, clumsy and foolish, gathered around Baby Clown and in love with Funk music, the extraterrestrial clowns will try to adapt to the new living environment, to integrate in the "human" society and adopt its customs, jobs, and daily behavior. But how can you forget your roots and "correct" your identity without loosing anything? A joyous and humorous tale for all ages, which allows the spectators to rediscover the inventiveness of childhood with all its sorrows and joys.


The director Eli Simon, Acting professor at the University of California Irvine, conceived this original performance in close collaboration with the composer Vincent Olivieri, the author of the songs interpreted by Ada Milea for the actors and audience of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre. Eli Simon is an author specialized in scripts for clown performances, but also for musicals, comedies or classical theatre. He is the author of The Art of Clowning and Masking Unmasked, Four Basic Approaches to Acting. He is the artistic director of the "Clownzilla" clown company, co-founder of the "Pan Pacific Players" company and artistic director of the New Swan Shakespeare Festival in Irvine, California. This is Eli Simon’s second collaboration with the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, following the enormous success of his previous performance, War of the clowns.