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Bogdan Costin’s THE ATTEMPT opens on Friday, 11 April 2014, at 7pm, in the "Euphorion" Studio of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre. Director and stage designer: Timur Felix Mihancea. Cast: Cristian Rigman (Mario), Diana Buluga (Roxana), Silvius Iorga (Victor), Emanuel Petran (Domnul Pop).

The play The Attempt, by the young playwright Bogdan Costin, won the competition "Cluj Playwrights 2013" which aims to promote new talents from Cluj and to stage plays which have not yet had the chance of a premiere. The competition was launched in June 2013 by the JAD Association in partnership with the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre and the Cluj Napoca City Hall. 

The play brings forth a contemporary topic, both delicate and problematic. A young photographer, addicted to video games, tormented by his own failures and desire for revenge, turns his revolt and disgust against the world around him in a horrific premeditated murder. The "weapon" of his attempted political assassination is the person closest to him, his ex-girlfriend, now HIV positive. Victim and executioner, she will infect the son of an unrighteous politician with the deadly disease. Self-destruction, animosity and passionate neuroses come to life on stage through a permanent game of dialogues, video projections and music from virtual worlds. 

The director of the production, Timur Felix Mihancea, graduated from both the Faculty of Theatre and Television (BA in Directing and Theatre Studies) and the Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj, and has an MA in Playwriting. He wrote several plays, two of which were publicly read. He is the founder of the "Teatroem" Cultural Association which organizes the program Grasping Exercises, meant to promote contemporary Romanian poetry through theatre. Together with Mircea Laszlo, he directed, within this program, the performance When the lights are turned off the whispers are turned on. In 2011 he directed the production Game without user guide by Roxana Magdalena Pântice at the Theatre 74 from Târgu-Mureş.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre joined the "Artists for artists" campaing, initiated by UNITER (The Theatre Union of Romania). This annual campaign invites theatres to present one of their current productions on World Theatre Day, 27 March, and donate part of their returns to retired actors.

On the occasion of World Theatre Day, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes the 6th edition of the DOORS OPEN DAY event, by now established as a tradition. The event will take place Thursday, 27 March 2014, 10:00-18:00.

On 21 March we celebrate World Poetry Day. This was declared by UNESCO in 1999, as recognition for the remarkable contributions to enriching universal culture and spirituality brought by scholars and literates across the world. At the same time, World Poetry Day desires to support poetic creation, the dialogue between poetry and other genres, the publishing and promotion of poetry as an art open to the people. 
"As a deep expression of the human mind and as a universal art, poetry is a tool for dialogue and rapprochement. The dissemination of poetry helps to promote dialogue among cultures and understanding between peoples because it gives access to the authentic expression of a language." (from the UNESCO’S Director-General’s Message, Irina Bokova, on the occasion of World Poetry Day)

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre invites you Friday, 21 March, on Wolrd Poetry Day, to two recital performances:

Friday, 21 March, 19:00, Studio „Art Club"
Based on poems by Sânziana and Marcel Mureșeanu
Director: Medeea Iancu
Choreography: Luminița Toader
Set design: Arhidiade Mureșan
one-woman show with Elena Ivanca

Friday, 21 March, ora 19:00, Studio „Euphorion"
Love poems recital
one-man show with Sorin Leoveanu

Tickets are available at the ticket agency, P-ţa Ştefan cel Mare nr. 14, as well as online at