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Francophonie in Feminine: 50 Faces of Francophone Women of Transylvania

Our artistic director, Ştefana Pop-Curşeu, is one of the 50 faces of the exhibition FRANCOPHONIE IN FEMININE!

The exhibition is an initiative of the French Institute, realized within the European Year of Patrimony and on the occasion of the Francophonie Month, and brings an homage to 50 contemporary women, who bring to life the bilateral relation between Cluj-Napoca and the francophone space. Even if they are artists, conductors, teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, future doctors, project managers, association executives, translators, university professors or resident students at the French Institute, they all share the French language and its values.


The exhibition opens tomorrow, 20 March 2018, at 6.30 p.m.. Hosted by the <La Cave> space of the French Institute of Cluj, from 22 I.C Brătianu street, the exhibition can be visited until 4 April. The photos are signed by the French artist Nicolas Friess.

Fotografie preluată de pe pagina de Facebook a Teatrului de Nord din Satu-Mare

On March 6, director Mihai Raicu passed away.

Born in Timișoara, on 10 June 1923, Mihai Raicu has been playing with the theatre since young age. In parallel with his engineering studies within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, he attended the direction classes at the Conservatory from the same town. His masters were reknowned theatre artists Marietta Sadova and Victor Ion Popa. He specialized in Moscow, at the "A. Lunacearski" Institute of Theatre Art, where he studied with Stanislavski's disciple, N. Gorciakov.


Between 1952-1954 Mihai Raicu was Director of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca.

The National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca is glad to announce that actor ANTON TAUF will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award within the 2018 UNITER Gala.


Honored through this award, our colleague joins the ranks of illustrious names of the Romanian theatre. Thus, based on proposals made by theatres and members of the UNITER Senate, the Senate session of 26.02.2018 decided awarding the following: the Outstanding Achievement Award to actor HORAȚIU MĂLĂELE, the Lifetime Achievement Award to actress ILEANA STANA-IONESCU, to director ALEXANDRU DABIJA, to scenographer DORU PĂCURAR, and the Award for Theatre Criticism and History, to Mrs. SORINA BĂLĂNESCU.


An iconic figure of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, actor Anton Tauf has been serving the stage for more than forty five years, since he graduated the Theatre Institute from Bucharest, professors: Beata Fredanov and Octavian Cotescu (1968).

Tauf worked with important contemporary directors, from Vlad Mugur to György Harag, Aureliu Manea, Mircea Marin, Alexa Visarion, Alexandru Tatos, Alexandru Dabija. But his longest and most successful journey was along Mihai Măniuțiu, whose stage direction helmed memorable performances, most famous of which was W. Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Anton Tauf's Antony was unanimously praised by critics. Victor Parhon wrote after the performance: "Another reason to praise Mihai Măniuțiu is his role in revealing Anton Tauf as one of the most gifted and most important actors of his generation, who is able to support with brilliance and strength roles of great complexity and range, such as this Antony, a peak of his acting achievements from the National Theatre of Cluj". His noble character and elevated perspective upon the mission of the artist led him to "an exemplary professional discipline, a ruthless self-exigency, a religious attitude towards the art", as observed by Justin Ceuca.

Actor, professor, theatre director - these are avatars of the complete and complex artist Anton Tauf, so that The Lifetime Achievement Award comes to crown this exceptional journey.


The performance Stories of Love at First Sight, which will premiere tomorrow, February 23, 2018, is based on five touching, delicate love stories, told by Gabriel Liiceanu, Adriana Bittel, Ioana Pârvulescu, Radu Paraschivescu and Ana Blandiana. I talked with the actors involved about their work on this production, and about other things, asking them to give loose to their feelings and imagination:


1. Have you ever experienced a love that made you feel like Romeo/Juliet. Antony/Cleopatra or Tristan/ Isolde (hopefully not with a tragic end), or like other famous lovers?


2. Where did you take a walk with your first love? What cake did you eat, what wine did you drink?


3. What character of a famous pair of lovers would you like to play?


4. How was it to get inside the part of the lovers you are bringing in front of the public?