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This year's edition of the event Doors Open Night, which took place on 9 December, brought a series of new things. One of the most successful news was the series of FACE TO FACE Meetings, which enabled theatre visitors to have 10-minute individual meetings with an actor. The meetings were touching not only for the viewers, but also for our fellow actors, each of whom met face to face six spectators during one hour. Angelica Nicoară, Anca Hanu, Sânziana Tarța, Ionuț Caras, Radu Lărgeanu and Cristian Grosu shared their thoughts after this experience. We asked them what they thought about meeting face to face the spectators that applaud them evening after evening, which meeting impressed them the most, and whether that face to face encounter somehow resembled a psychoanalytic session?


Angelica Nicoară greeted enthusiastically this initiative, and confessed that: "It was wonderful. I had emotions for almost the entire day and I prepared for the meeting almost like for a performance, so I hereby declare I intend to repeat this experience next year. I do believe, though, ten minutes are a bit less for the duration. There were so many spectators, both young and mature, with whom we discussed theatre matters, but also life matters. We talked heart-to-heart about them. I don't think we talked as actor and spectator, but as two people face to face, enjoying our meeting. I am grateful for this idea and for the fact that I was one of the first to participate to this premiere

Change in the December program

Dear spectators, 

We would like to let you know the performance EVERY TZARA HAS HIS DADA from 15 DECEMBER is rescheduled for the date of 20 DECEMBER, after the declaration of national mourning days in 14, 15 and 16 December. Tickets already purchased remain valid for the 20 December performance.

At request, tickets purchased from the Tickets Agency can be reimbursed at the same Agency, until 20 December. Tickets purchased online, from the platform, can be reimbursed by contacting the representatives of the company at the address:


We apologize for the inconveniences caused and we are looking forward to seeing you further at our performances.

The Doors Open Night returns this year with new and traditional events, which you are all invited to enjoy! For the first time, you have the chance to meet theatre actors and, just like last year, to dance on the stage, to take part or assist at many workshops and events, during the seven hours you can spend with us.


This year, our thoughts and support go to the Estuar Foundation. Established in 1993, it is the first Romanian organization to create for adults with mental health problems a network of community and home day care services, certified and acknowledged at the local, national and international level. The Estuar Foundation is active in four Romanian cities, Bucharest, Ploiesti, Giurgiu and Cluj and serves yearly over 2000 beneficiaries.


In Cluj-Napoca, the Estuar Foundation, which has functioned for 20 years, is the only day centre for the respective category of beneficiaries and works towards three directions:

- the services provided within the day centre offer hope, refuge, a "second home" to beneficiaries, who are people affected by mental health problems, they give an useful alternative to spend time, through skills development, counseling for the acknowledgement of the health problem and adaptation to possible difficulties, the increase of self-esteem and the identification of strong points, psychological/psychiatric/social and vocational counseling, encouraging the involvement in the community, in order to avoid isolation;

- informing and counseling legal guardians in order to accept the situation and increase their tolerance, to acknowledge changes and incomprehensible behaviors as symptoms, to receive support in distinguishing between the person and his/her symptoms;


- informing the community in order to increase tolerance and understanding towards people with special needs, respect towards the beneficiares' individuality and dignity, promoting equal chances, organizing campaigns for the promotion of mental health in schools and faculties, promoting partnerships with various public institutions or non-government associations in order to organize projects, specific events, value the talents of the beneficiaries through the organization of community exhibitions with the products made within active workshops.

Interview with the director of the performance WHO'S WIPING OFF POLENTA FROM THE POT, which will premiere at the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca Wednesday, 22 November 2017, at 7.00 p.m., in the "Euphorion" Studio.


Eugenia Sarvari: Who are you, Camelia Hâncu?


Camelia Hâncu: I graduated Direction in Cluj, in 1998, initially in Olimpia Arghir's class, which was later taken over by Mr. Mihai Măniuțiu. In the last year of university, I went to Bucharest to work as assistant director for one of Alexandru Dabija's performances. I stayed three years in Bucharest, then I left through the world to make small experiments, such as Looking  for Chaplin in Rome, about a character I was madly in love with. So I tried to find the true meaning of public and to understand how could Chaplin be loved by everybody. This "theatre adventure" lasted for a month. One of my university colleagues helped me, by hosting me in his house. Everything took place in Navona Square, where I also got the chance to be recorded in the visiting book of that absolutely fabulous place, which is one of the few squares of the eternal city where actors are free to manifest as they will.