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ZENOBIA based on Gellu Naum’s novel opens on Sunday 13 March at 7pm, in "Euphorion" Studio. Script and direction: Mona Marian, set design: Eugenia Tărăşescu-Jianu, music by Corina Sîrbu. Cast: Naum - Cornel Răileanu; Young Naum - Cristian Rigman; Zenobia - Romina Merei; Sima, The railroad clerk, A father - Petre Băcioiu; Iason - Anca Hanu; Dragoş - Radu Lărgeanu; Constantin - Cristian Grosu; Petru - Miron Maxim; Naum’s mother, Maria’s mother - Maria Munteanu; Zoe-Olga, Naum’s sister - Eva Crişan; Gerda, The dead Auntie Linica - Elena Ivanca; Maria, Jeni Pop - Angelica Nicoară; Irina, The young man with a violin - Silvius Iorga.

Changes in the program for March

The performance THE IMAGINARY INVALID by Molière scheduled for 3 March 2011 is canceled, due to medical resons. The tickets can be reimbursed at the ticket agency or will be available, on request, for the performance on 31 March 2010.


Due to the same resons, the performance A PARIS ATTIC OVERLOOKING DEATH scheduled for 5 March was replaced with THE BALD SOPRANO by Eugène Ionesco. The performance will start at 8pm. The tickets will be available, on request, for this performance, or can be reimbursed at the ticket agency.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

THE ODD COUPLE by Neil Simon translated to Romanian by Antoaneta Ralian, opens on Sunday, 27 February 2011 at 7pm. The production is directed by Cristian Hadji-Culea, set designer Valentin Codoiu.

Cast: Olive - Miriam Cuibus; Florence - Irina Wintze; Sylvie - Elena Ivanca; Mickey - Patricia Boaru; Renée - Eva Crişan; Vera - Ileana Negru; Manolo - Dan Chiorean; Jesus - Ruslan Bârlea.

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre was awarded with the “Cluj Emblem“ Medal

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre was awarded with the "Cluj Emblem" Medal  at the 16th edition of the Opera’s Bal, which took palce Saturday 19 February 2011.

Mr. Alin Tişe, the president of Cluj County Council, offered the medal to Mr. Mihai Măniuţiu, General Manager of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.