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Teatrul Național „Lucian Blaga" din Cluj-Napoca organizează, între 9 și 13 octombrie 2019, festivalul anual aflat acum la cea de-a IX-a ediție, Întâlnirile Internaționale de la Cluj, care în acest an poartă titlul ÎMPREUNĂ.

În acest an, Teatrul Național din Cluj-Napoca sărbătorește o sută de ani de existență ca instituție de cultură emblematică, reprezentativă pentru scena românească transilvană. La 1 decembrie 1919, la un an de la Marea Unire, s-a deschis prima stagiune românească la Cluj, împlinindu-se astfel nu doar visele unor oameni de cultură importanți, ci și ale oamenilor de rând care își doreau mai mult decât orice libertatea de exprimare și accesul la cultură în limba română. Dincolo de toate provocările istoriei, dragostea pentru teatru ne-a unit și ne-a împrospătat mereu voința și puterea de a crede, împreună, într-o lume înnobilată prin artă.

In June this year, at the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, the rehearsals for the production The Tempest by W. Shakespeare, directed by Tompa Gábor, began. The production will have two previews, the first on Tuesday, 24 September 2019, and the second on Sunday, 6 October, while the official opening takes place on Friday, 11 October, within the ninth edition of the International Meetings in Cluj, set this year under the topic "Together". You can find more about the preparation of The Tempest for the stage of the National Theatre of Cluj, from the interview below with director Gábor Tompa, scenographer Carmencita Brojboiu, and actor Marcel Iureș, who plays Prospero.


Director Gábor Tompa has reached his fifth production on the stage of the National Theatre of Cluj, after King Lear by W. Shakespeare (2006), The Bald Soprano by E. Ionesco (2009), The Aureliu Manea Trilogy by Aureliu Manea (2013) and UbuZdup after Alfred Jarry (2015).


Eugenia Sarvari: At the beginning of the rehearsals, you told the actors that the rehearsals you yourself attended for Liviu Ciulei's The Tempest, have left a lasting mark on you. Could you tell us more about that?.



Gábor Tompa: It was a huge chance for me then, I got my biggest lesson in directing. Because our professor from the third year had a very serious family problem, Mr. Ciulei took over, so we talked a lot and we went to his reharsals for The Tempest, at Icoanei Gardens. Ciulei was the scenographer of the production as well. And it would be one of the outstanding scenographies of Romanian theatre: a platform in the middle of a blood sea. The platform was "bolstered" by elements depicting all arts, and theatre stood on top of them. On the same occasion, I witnessed George Constantin playing, and he remains my favorite actor for his almost propless ability to convey his thoughts with extraordinary accuracy and force. Ciulei viewed Prospero as a scholar, and, in fact, made him in his own likeness: he himself was an architect, an actor, a theatre and a film director, a scenographer, and, in a way, even a stage poet. He was the scholar able to dismantle the world through modern technique. And all of these took place in 1979, when his vision had an avant-garde dimension. Of course, mankind had witnessed two World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the arms race, but despite all these events, Ciulei envisioned for the future something that now can indeed happen by the simple press of a button. Then, the spectre of world destruction was looming in front of us, in time, while today, it stands besides us, in space. 

The 2019-2020 season of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca starts Friday, 20 September 2019, at 7.00 p.m., with the opening of the production Porno by Visky András, directed by Răzvan Mureșan, at the "Euphorion" Studio of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca.


We entered the "backstage" of the production, with a set of questions for director Răzvan Mureșan and for some of the cast actors, in order to help our regular viewers better comprehend the script text.

Eugenia Sarvari
: Why did you choose this specific text?


Răzvan Mureșan: It was actually this text which came to me to be read and reflected upon. On close examination, I realized the text has many potential situations and little anecdotes, dramatic microstories from the communist age. Although some of them are just small slices of history, mere fragments or tiny puzzle pieces, I thought it was worth, for instance, to bring on the stage, in their own flesh and blood, the secondary characters that the original text mentions, recalls or projects. 

Press conference at the opening of the 2019-2020 season

The National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca holds a press conference for the opening of the new season, Tuesday, 17 September 2019, at 2.30 p.m., in the second floor foyer of the National Theatre.

The manager of the National Theatre, Mihai Măniuțiu, and the artistic director, Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, will be joined by members of the artistic teams of the two productions that open the season: Tompa Gábor and Carmencita Brojboiu, the director and the scenographer of the production THE TEMPEST by W. Shakespeare, along with actor Marcel Iureș, Răzvan Mureșan și András Visky, the director and the author of the play on which the production PORNO is based, along with actors from the cast of the two productions.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Anul acesta sărbătorim împreună 100 de ani de Teatru Național!