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Postat pe 05.21.2010
THE ASSASSIONATION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE by Marius Benţa opens at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre

THE ASSASSIONATION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE by Marius Benţa, based on texts written by the Marquis de Sade, opens on Saturday 22 May 2010, at 3pm, at the "Euphorion" Studio, as part of the "Debut" Program.

The production is directed by László Olivér, set design by Mălina Mândru.

Cast: Cătălin Codreanu (the Marquis de Sade), Romina Merei (Madeleine), Anca Hanu (Constance) and Radu Lărgeanu (Royer).

The Marquis de Sade lives the last days of his life, at Charenton, under the supervision of doctor Royer, the medical chief of the sanatorium, who hates and, at the same time, unwillingly admires the marquis.

Surrounded by his understanding and devoted lover, Constance Quesnet, and by Madeleine Leclerc, the laundrywoman’s daughter, both in love with and fascinated by the marquis, Sade only wishes to write, at any risk.

Not recommended for audiences under the age of 18!