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Doors Open Night – the Ninth Edition


2020 was filled with unexpected challenges, as well as previously undiscovered resources and unimaged strength. Therefore, we are not giving up: just like every year in December, we are inviting our spectators to DOORS OPEN NIGHT! This year, the encounter will be a virtual one, but it will take place with the same joy and emotion.

NPD 2020 (Doors Open Night 2020), the event’s ninth edition, will happen online, on the Facebook page of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca,, on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day, i.e., Saturday, December 5th, starting at 6 p.m.

The event will begin with a series of creative workshops for our younger spectators, led by Dora Baba from “Scenica, a Gateway to the Arts” (Bistrița), who might be familiar to many of you, since she has also been involved in our yearly globe-painting workshop, one of the most beloved workshops held on Doors Open Night. Together with Dora, we will learn to create the most fun and original holiday decorations.

A significant moment will be the inauguration of the theatre’s virtual tour. From now on, whenever you miss it, you can come in virtually, roam the foyers undisturbed and explore at leisure the architectural wonders of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca.

The night will be full of beautiful moments; it will continue in the company of our guest of honour, the actor Marcel Iureș. Marcel Iureș, our magical Prospero from The Tempest, directed at the National Theatre by Gábor Tompa in November 2019, will have a dialogue with Mihai Măniuțiu, an old friend, well-known theatre director, and manager of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca.

The event will end on a cheerful, appropriate, and relevant note, i.e., with the broadcast of Winter Songs for All Seasons by Ada Milea, with Ada Milea, Cristian Rigman, Anca Hanu, Romina Merei, and Miron Maxim.

The show can also be watched online until Sunday, December 6th, at 6 p.m.

The Event’s Full Schedule:

6 p.m. – CREATIVE WORKSHOP with Dora Baba, part I, 5+

6.30 p.m. – CREATIVE WORKSHOP with Dora Baba, part II, 5+

7 p.m. – CREATIVE WORKSHOP with Dora Baba, part III, 5+

7.30 p.m. – VIRTUAL TOUR of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca – premiere

8.30 p.m. – THE GUEST OF HONOUR AT NPD 2020: MARCEL IUREŞ in conversation with Mihai Măniuțiu

10 p.m. – WINTER SONGS FOR ALL SEASONS, musical show by Ada Milea, GA (1 h)


You are all warmly invited to join us this year, as well, on the night when we provide more than theatre, opening both doors and hearts!

 Atelier de creație cu Dora Baba
- partea I
Atelier de creație cu Dora Baba
- partea a II-a
 Atelier de creație cu Dora Baba
- partea a III-a

Tur virtual în clădirea Teatrului Național
Invitatul special, actorul Marcel Iureș, în dialog cu regizorul Mihai Măniuțiu
Spectacol: „Cântece de iarnă pentru toate anotimpurile“