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Postat pe 09.06.2017
From Sulina to Costinești: theatre meetings and the 2017 HOP Gala


Before the start of a new season in theatres all around the country, theatre refreshes itself on the Black Sea shore, between the Danube Delta and Costinești. Two events centered on performance art and theatre pedagogy are taking place at the beginning of this autumn, engaging members of the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca: Theatre Meetings in Sulina (August 31-September 4) and The Young Actors Gala of Costinești (September 4-7 ).

Conceived for students and teachers by professor David Esrig, from the "Athanor" Passau Theatre and Film Academy, Theatre Meetings in Sulina intend to reunite for a few days the theatre and film schools of Danube cities in the very port-city which inspired the idea of an European Union by establishing 150 years ago the European Commission of the Danube. This idea was immediately embraced by the "I.L. Caragiale" National University of Theatre and Film Art, Bucharest (which coorganizes the meetings) and by other important institutions of university theatre education like the Faculty of Theatre and Television of Cluj-Napoca, the University of Arts of Târgu Mureș, the Music, Theatre and Fine Arts Academy of Chișinău and the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art (NATFA) of Sofia, Bulgaria. This year, a pilot-meeting took place in order to analysze the opportunity and artistic consistency the multimedial approach has in theatre productions, considering the fact that audio-video techniques and experiments have become increasingly frequent and tempting for theatre actors and directors. The talks, conferences and workshops held by prof. David Esrig, French researcher Beatrice Picon-Vallin (CNRS), prof. Nicolae Mandea and the research group CINETic (UNATC) from Bucharest, were attended by members of the Cluj School of Theatre and by important actors of the National Theatre, such as Assoc. Prof. Miriam Cuibus, Assisstant PhD.c. Cătălin Codreanu, as well as the artistic director, Assoc. Prof. Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, all of whom also teach at the Faculty of Theatre and Television from "Babeș-Bolyai" University of Cluj.

The conclusions of the talks stated the obvious opportunity of continuing these work meetings in Sulina for students and teachers of the Danube countries, but also the importance of using new multimedia techniques in stage arts, not in a superficial, illustrative or simply fashionable way, but for an in-depth exploration of human nature and the improvement of the way we make theatre, increasing the viewers' access to creative mechanisms behind the artistic act.

The second important event taking place now is the famous HOP Gala or The Young Actor's Gala, under the patronage of UNITER and exemplarily organized by Prof. Miklós Bács, PhD, (UBB Cluj), artistic director of the Gala, along with his team, attempting, year after year, to discover, support and encourage the graduates of Romanian theatre schools, by challenging young talents to compete in front of a jury of specialists composed of personalities of theatre life. An honorary place in this jury is held by the manager of our theatre, director and professor Mihai Măniuțiu, along with actor Bogdán Zsolt (The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj) , actress Ana-Ioana Macaria ("Bulandra" Theatre), film producer Ada Solomon and actor Alexandru Voicu, winner of the "Ștefan Iordache" Award assigned within the 2016 Hop Gala.

The topic of this year's edition is LONELINESS - The Bearable Loneliness at A.P. Chekhov, and the artistic director of the festival addresses participants as such:


"The Hop Gala is our only opportunity to celebrate The Beginning, to lay the grounds of a statement of your generation, to share your human and artistic pursuits, to bring through your supreme author act which is the Monologue a tribute to the Calling you were chosen by, the Creative Spirit. It's the only chance to share a sacrament, to assert your own artistic and stylistic belief, the only chance to remind the City that you are here, that your are strong and important. It's the only moment, similar to the moment of Creation, when the Beginning can bring into solidarity an entire craft, the moment when your and your mentors' energies, efforts and inventiveness can create another world, the moment full of hope that we all need so much, both we who've reached the sunset of our career and are tired and exhausted of fighting for our ideals, and your young colleagues eager to self-express already from their student years. You are responsible for the authenticity, professionalism, value and sincerity of this moment. Joy has never needed You more than now. Only You can make of the Hop Gala what we all want, a professional competition of the highest level."

Just like in previous editions, graduates of the Faculty of Theatre and Television of Cluj are very present this year also, and one of the candidates selected to compete in the individual section is the youngest actor included in the National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca, Mihai-Florian Nițu, graduate of the UNATC Bucharest.

The Hop Gala can be followed live on the corresponding site:


We wish all participants best of luck!