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Postat pe 04.25.2017
Discussions with the makers of THE TRIAL based on Franz Kafka at the press conference


On Monday, April 24, took place the conference regarding the premiere of the production The Trial by Franz Kafka, which you are invited to attend on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at 7 p.m., on the theatre's main stage.

The press conference was attended by the production's director, Mihaela Panainte, set designer Helmut Stürmer and the actors Ionuț Caras, Elena Ivanca, Patricia Brad, Angelica Nicoară, Adrian Cucu, Cristian Grosu, Matei Rotaru, Radu Lărgeanu and Cristian Rigman.


The discussions, moderated by Ștefana Pop-Curșeu, the theatre's artistic director, focused on interesting subjects, from the modernity of Kafka's text to the set designer's relationship with the director and actors, to the challenges posed by David Esrig's acting method and the actors' experience when confronted with Kafka, a difficult author who left no part of the human subconscious unanalysed.  

"Kafka is extremely modern, said Helmut Stürmer, because he was educated in a period of great social, industrial and technological changes, just like us today. He was a keen cinemagoer, then an art still in its infancy, and this shows in his writing, in the way his literature is built like a series of films, of videos. Moreover, there is also this feeling of permanent guilt, the feeling that you still haven't done enough, the desire to know the latest developments which put great pressure on today's youth and that leads to this feeling of guilt which is very dangerous. This is one of the bases of The Trial."


Regarding the directing and its connection to set designing, Mihaela Panainte stressed the importance of the idea of "installation" as an intersection of the mental space proposed by the director and the visual dimension of the final space. "Seeing this space, an actor immediately realizes that, once inside it, he cannot act in a realistic manner, sit down and recite Kafka's text. The space imposes a special type of acting, which we have tried to discover together, and the actors have been extremely open and accepted this great challenge."


Not without difficulty, but professionally, as one of the actors put it, because each of them had an opportunity to express his or her small reticence, fears, preconceptions when confronted with the Kafkian stage process: "a theatre language we were not so familiar with", the rehearsals held at the Unirea Hall, in a "perfect Kafkian atmosphere", the attempts, the rejection of commonplaces on stage, the novelty. A true challenge that, on Saturday, awaits to "come to light", a "process of the trial" and a production that for Ionuț Caras, cast in the main role, is "very powerful" and able to shed light on a cast that "once again, can prove that it is capable to switch between acting registers, to professionally cover different aesthetic directions and thus our definition as a repertoire theatre, however imperfect this phrase might be, can be sustained, emphasizing the value of such a troupe and such a Theatre". 



We wish them good luck!