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GATES OPEN NIGHT - 5th edition


This year's GATES OPEN NIGHT was one of the most beautiful editions yet! We would like to thank you all for accepting our invitation! The spectators that took part in the workshops learned tango and step, discovered and experienced the secrets of clowns, painted ornaments, designed masks and drew illustrations. Together, we enjoyed the film THE FILM BOOTH, based on interviews with the participants in this spring's edition of GATES OPEN DAY (the film is available here as of today), and then, spectators had the opportunity to address questions to our actors, Adriana Băilescu, Sânziana Tarța, Adrian Cucu, Miron Maxim. THE MUSIC OF FILMS filled both the auditorium and the main stage of the theatre: approximately 40 young instrumentalists held an emotional and energetic symphonic concert, performing the soundtracks of famous films, conducted by Dalma Kovacs. Music continued on our stage, with a concert held by Ada Milea, accompanied by our colleagues, the actors Anca Hanu, Sânziana Tarța, Cristian Rigman and Miron Maxim. The event ended with a stand-up comedy performance by Dragoș Pop. Doamna T Café, joining us again this year, was the host of a book launch, the fictional novel The Diary of My First Death by Ioana Duda (Herg Benet Publishing House, Bucharest), a book presented by Dragoș Filioreanu and Iulia Iacob.


Throughout the event, the foyers of the theatre hosted the DADA ZONE, consisting of the REDADA exhibition created by Rareș Stoica and CINEMA DADA, where spectators could watch archive films, but also numerous stands: A CHRISTMAS  FAIR with objects designed by disabled children  through the Art Therapy Workshops organized by the Dezelas Association; ABILITIES BEYOND DISABILITIES, exhibition with objects designed by the students of the Special High school for the Visually Impaired Cluj-Napoca; THE MISTIQUE MOTH, paper jewelry made by Carmen Orășanu; RONNA ART, exhibition with wool decorative objects made by Geanina Silaghi; PEYO, plant, fruit and seed figurines made by Ioana Perșa; ICONS ON GLASS EXHIBITION by Bogdan Bretoiu. The BOOK SHOP of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre was also open all through the event.


Approximately 3.000 spectators joined us for this year's edition of GATES OPEN NIGHT! We would like to thank you all and we look forward to welcoming you to our future events! 


The event took place on 10 December 2016, from 6:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m., on the Main Stage, in the "Euphorion" Studio and in the theatre's foyers. Entrance was free, according to seat availability. 








6:00 p.m.-7:40 p.m.         

with Ștefan Perșe and Roxana Iovănescu

Tango Cluj Company has been active since September 2011, organizing course and Argentinian tango events, the most important of which are the StartUP Tango Weekend programs, Tango Experience Transylvania Tango Camp and Tango Casino International Festival.


Ștefan Perșe and Roxana Iovănesc are two naturally good-humored dancers, constantly curious and enthusiastic, who represent the Tango Cluj Company Argentinian tango school. They started to dance at the same time, growing together as artists and, later, instructors. Ștefan is a creative person, combining architecture and graphic design in his career. He dedicates most of his free time to tango, hand drawing and creating small, copper wire sculptures and objects. Roxana has been practicing Argentinian tango for three years. She considers it to be a dance about exposure, attention and observation, about communication and relations, but above all, about a constant self-discovery, thus covering a wide range of interactions - from simple social aspects to spectacular stage appearances.  


7:50 p.m. -8:10 p.m.      

DEMONSTRATION with the participants from the workshop held by Adrian Strâmtu



In this workshop you will be able to learn the basic steps of this dance style. Moreover, we will talk about the origins of tap dance, its evolution, about the great world tap dancers and about how great this art form can be. Although in Romania this dance is not as studied as in other countries, I can say that I have been following this artistic "phenomenon" for nine years, dedicating a great deal of energy and attention to that. 

Tap dance became popular in the USA first of all due to Broadway. Although tap dance is only a simple dance style, apparently easy to practice, it requires many hours of individual study and not just a physical presence, but also a spiritual and emotional one.   

This workshop will be informative, entertaining, catchy.

My name is Adrian Strâmtu, I am 27, I am an actor passionate about tap dance and I plan to dedicate my life to it.


IMPORTANT INFO:                         

The workshop will take place in one of the rooms of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, on 10 December, and is open to persons over 18 years old. Participation will be according to availability and prior registration is required at the following address:, no later than 5 December. 


8:20 p.m.-8:50 p.m.         

Film screening with and about the spectators of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre

This year, THE FILM BOOTH reaches its second edition. It is a project started in 2015 through which we invite the participants in the GATES OPEN DAY to come inside our film booth and answer a few questions. Based on their answers, we conceive a featurette-length film entitled THE FILM BOOTH which will be screened within GATES OPEN NIGHT. Through this initiative, we wanted to know our spectators better and, through the screening, we wanted to give back to spectators the thoughts they shared with us. We look forward to seeing you at the premiere of this year's film!


9:00 p.m.-9:50 p.m.         
with actors of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre: Adriana Băilescu, Sânziana Tarța, Adrian Cucu, Miron Maxim


10:00 p.m.-10:50 p.m.        

Symphonic concert held by AGILE ORCHESTRA, conductor Dalma Kovács


FILM MUSIC is an event dedicated to music and film lovers. The events aims to be a unique audio-visual experience due to the combination of symphonic music and lighting design. The famous soundtracks have been arranged by the young composers Daniel Cohen, Cora Miron, Alexandru Murariu, Torok-Gyurko Aron, Răzvan Metea and others.

The atmosphere created by the conductor Dalma Kovacs, together with Agile Orchestra, manages to lead us inside the world of successful Hollywood films. The event is one of the most awaited Cluj concerts, due to the new pieces that manage to surprise audiences every time. With a repertoire of over 20 film or musical pieces, Film Music is a relaxing yet useful event where you can relax, feeling like in a movie theatre.

Designed by a young, energetic and talented team, the Film Symphony demonstrates the capacity and ability to interpret various works. Energetic and full of vitality, Dalma Kovacs is the founder and conductor of Agile Orchestra, being also the mind behind the organizing of this event. Of her numerous achievements, we can mention her most dear one, the making of the musical Les Miserables (a premiere in Romania, alongside Nicole David - director), a symphonic rock concert and the educational concert session Do-Re-Mi Start within the "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca. The Agile Orchestra was founded by Dalma Kovacs with the purpose of supporting young instrumentalists in their profession, as well as of promoting the best instrumentalists and composers, activating under the patronage of the Student Association of the "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy. It is comprised of students of GDMA, as well as instrumentalists from the Cluj Philharmonics and Cluj Operas. Their passion is the common thread that brings them together for various events.


11:00 p.m.-11:50 p.m.         

with Ada Milea, Anca Hanu, Cristian Rigman [+] Sânziana Tarța [-] Bobo Burlăcianu


00:00-01:00 p.m.        


stand-up comedy with Dragoş Pop




6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.        
with Tudor Lucanu and Cristian Rusu

6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.         



6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.         

8:30 p.m.
Book launch: Jurnalul primei mele morți by Ioana Duda (Herg Benet Publishing House, Bucharest)

Speakers: Dragoș Filioreanu and Iulia Iacob



7:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.         

DEMONSTRATION with the participants in the workshop held by Silvius Iorga

The workshop is based on the method IN/OUT CLOWN, and we will try to find the most entertaining way to the inner clown, to discarding inhibitions and developing playfulness.

IMPORTANT INFO:                        

The workshop will last 3 hours take place at Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, on 10 December, and is open to persons over 18 years old. Participation will be according to availability (12 available places) and prior registration is required at the following address:, no later than 5 December.




CHRISTMAS FAIR with objects made by disabled children through the Art Therapy Workshops organized by the Dezelas Association

ABILITIES BEYOND DISABILITIES, exhibition with objects designed by the students of the Special High school for the Visually Impared Cluj-Napoca

THE MISTIQUE MOTH, paper jewelry made by Carmen Orășanu

RONNA ART, exhibition with wool decorative objects made by Geanina Silaghi

PEYO, plant, fruit and seed figurines made by Ioana Perșa
THE BOOK SHOP of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre





REDADA, Painting and sculpture exhibition made by Rareș Stoica

CINEMA DADA, archive film projection


CARICATURES TO GO, made by "Caricatures to go"



Doamna T Café