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Postat pe 10.14.2016

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes on 08.11.2016, at 10.00 a.m. at its headquartes in Ștefan cel Mare Square, no.2-4, in accordance with HG. no. 286/2011, for approving the Regulation-framework concerning the general principles for occupying a vacant or temporary position in accordance with the contractual positions and promotion criteria for the public sector employees, a contest for occupying the following vacant execution position:

1. WORKER SET DESIGN HANDLER AND MOUNTER II - 1 position available indeterminately  Specific conditions for occupying the position:

- Specialized studies: medium studies, basic technical qualification (represents and advantage)

- Work experience: minimum 3 years


- Willingness to work long hours under certain conditions;

Job description:

- Handling and mounting set designs and other stage objects on stage, in the storage room and on tours.  

- Participating in the entire technical activity on stage (rehearsals and performances) and knowledge of the details of each production


General conditions for participation:


1. is a Romanian citizen or a EU/EC citizen living in Romania;

2. fluent in Romanian, writing and speaking;

3. has the minimum legal age;

4. is fully capable to handle the position;

5. has the health conditions to carry out the job requirements,  as attested by the medical certificate issued by the family doctor or other licensed medical institutions;

6. has the necessary studies and experience required by the position;

7. was not convicted of a crime against humanity, the state or any work authority obstructing justice, of forgery, corruption, or any other intentional crime that might interfere with fulfilling the job requirements. Rehabilitation situations represent an exception.


The contest will consist of:

- practical demonstration and interview


The calendar of the contest is:


a) 14.10.2016 - announcing the contest

b) 28.10.2016 - last date for application

c) 01.11.2016 - selection and contest results

d) 02.11.2016 - date for possible appeals

e) 04.11.2016 - solving possible appeals

f)  08.11.2016 -  practical demonstration/publishing the results of the practical demonstration

g) interview -  the date and time of the interview will be announced at a later date, after the results of the practical demonstration are available.  


Appeals concerning the results will be submitted within 24 hours after the results have been published, at the headquarters of the employer.

Contest applications will be submitted to the Human Resources Service, Remuneration no later than 28.10.2016, 3.00 p.m.



The contest file must contain:


The application consists of a file with the following documents:

    a) written request addressed to the manager of the public institution organizing the contest;

    b) ID copy or a copy of any other legal document attesting identity;

    c) copies of study documents and other documents attesting specialization, as well as a copies of the documents attesting the fulfillment of the minimum requirements of the position, as stated by the public institution;

    d) Copy of the work log or, if it's the case, certificates attesting experience in the job and/or studies;

    e) judicial record or a statutory declaration stating that there is no criminal record that might make the candidate incompatible with the position;

    f) medical certificate attesting the corresponding health status, no older than 6 months, issued by the family doctor or other official medical institutions; (certificate attesting the candidate's capacity to work at height).

   g) curriculum vitae.


The copies of the required documents will be accompanied by the original documents, so that their authenticity can be verified by the contest committee's secretary, or legalized copies can be submitted.


The file will be submitted at the institution's headquarters, the Human Resources Office.


For further information call the following number: 0264/592826, Mrs. Roxana Muntean