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Postat pe 09.29.2016
The sixth edition of the INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ begins!


The 6th edition of the INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, organized by the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, will take place this year from 3 to 9 October.

The event, which offers the audience a theatre journey on the topic In Search of the Author, aims to be a meeting and dialogue space between successful contemporary authors – like Robert Cohen, Rodrigo García and Matei Vișniec –, who will honor us with their presence in Cluj these days and whose plays are part of our repertoire, young playwrights with avant-garde ideas, charismatic actors, true artists of the Romanian stage, and our theatre-loving audience. At the same time, given the fact that the year 2016 marks the birth of the Dada movement, which radically transformed the traditional norms and values of the art of the 20th century, we will celebrate the creativity and theatre spirit of the avant-garde authors, through a series of collective creations at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre.

This edition will gather numerous theatre productions, from the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre but also invited productions, as well as a series of special events: meetings with authors, a conference, book launches, a painting and sculpting exhibition through which Rareș Stoica revisits Dadaism and the Annual Gala, when, together with our partners and sponsors, our theatre rewards the achievements of the Cluj troupe from the 2015-2016 theatre season. The event will be attended in Cluj by more than 100 national and international guests, directors, theatre critics, festival programmers and cultural personalities.

About this year’s event, the director Mihai Măniuţiu, the manager of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, stated the following: “The sixth edition of the INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, under the sign of the SEARCH FOR THE AUTHOR – playwright or director – reflects, we believe, the spirit by which the troupe of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre is governed: dedicated, on the one hand, to  a perpetual, restless, search for the theatrical truth and, on the other, never hesitating to take difficult chances, with difficult texts and creators, often facing risks and even confronting dangers – attempts which, at the same time, are the only ones capable to lead to always higher steps of artistic excellence.”


The event is organized by the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre with the support of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council.


The program of the event is available here.