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Postat pe 04.22.2016
Opening of CALL IT ART!, concept by Alexa Băcanu and Leta Popescu


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre announces the premiere of the production Call it art! concept by Alexa Băcanu and Leta Popescu, which will take place at the "Euphorion" Studio, Wednesday, 27 April 2016, at 07:00 p.m.. Text: Alexa Băcanu,  director: Leta Popescu,  set design: Cristian Rusu,  stage movement: Sinkó Ferenc,  video: Lucia Mărneanu, Alexandru Lupea, light design: Jenel Moldovan,  music: Dan Aga.  Cast: Miriam Cuibus,  Ramona Dumitrean,  Elena Ivanca,  Miron Maxim, Bogdan Rădulescu

Call it art! discusses in a theatrical manner one of the greatest contemporary questions: what is art today? or better yet, when is what we are told is art actually Art?  The production is based on interactions with the audience who are invited to express their view on one of the six contemporary art pieces exposed above some tanks containing yellow, purple, blue, orange, green and red liquids. Although the order they appear on stage may be random, the lectures on contemporary art (where Marcel Duchamp or Damien Hirst have honorary positions), the performance moments, the TV shows against "art", the interviews with artists, all contribute in a funny and intelligent manner to seeking an answer beyond the fanaticism of the for or against extremes. And the spectator... must choose a side. 


Leta Popescu (born. 1989) is at her sixth collaboration with the Cluj-Napoca National Theater. She was an assistant director for the performances The Star without a Name (director Alexa Visarion), Sânziana and Pepelea (director Alexandru Dabija), Mein Kampf (director Alexandru Dabija) and The Extraterrestrial Clowns (director Eli Simon).  She graduated from the Faculty of Theater and Television, BBU Cluj, in 2013, majoring in Directing, and she is currently a MA student at the same faculty.  For co-directing the production Parallel, at the Cluj Paintbrush Factory,  Leta Popescu shared the 2014 UNITER Award for DEBUT with Lucia Mărneanu, performer in the production and with Ferenc Sinkó, co-director and choreographer of the production. As of 2013 she collaborates with both independent and state theatre companies.

Alexandra Băcanu is also a graduate of the Faculty of Theatre and Television, BBU Cluj, Theatre Studies. She is a playwright and a PR manger of the independent theatre REACTOR of Creation and Experiment from Cluj. She published, at Limes Publishing House from Cluj, plays in the volumes Studii de teatru şi film: Piese şi scenarii 2008-2009[Studies on Theatre and Film: Plays and Scripts 2009-2010] and Studii de teatru şi film: Piese de teatru 2009-2010 [Studies on Theatre and Film: Plays 2009-2010]. Numerous plays written by her have been staged at REACTOR, Theatre 2.0, Enigma Cafe in Cluj Napoca, UAD Tîrgu Mureş, Noah's Ark in Bucharest, Theatre '74 in Tîrgu Mureş, 2009. Various Romanian theatres also staged some of the children's plays.