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HETEROCLITE – dance theatre production


director: Alexandra Felseghi

choreography: Melinda Jakab

Cast: Roxana Fânaţă, Robert Cristian

HIM: Look me in the eyes and tell me: what do you want from me?

HER: I want you to kill me.

It's a simple story, like all complicated things: it can be my story, your story, theirs or the other's, of the Suitcase-Woman and of the Umbrella-Man. Maybe we have seen each other before, maybe we have spent some time together, thus becoming more estranged than before. Strangers and acquaintances at the same time. I can be hurt by you. I can be nourished by you. It's a simple story, like the paradox of loneliness in a happy ending. "Heteroclite" is a production that combines the playfulness of the Theatre of the Absurd with that of contemporary dance.

a production CREATE.ACT.ENJOY

photo credits: Alin Barbir 

Ticket prices:
25 lei, 20 lei;
10 lei (discounts for pupils, students and pensioners)