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GATES OPEN NIGHT – 4the edition


Approximately 4.500 spectators participated in the 4th edition of our annual GATES OPEN NIGHT, a free event which took place on 17 December from 06:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m.

The program of the event consisted of a series of dance, pantomime, clowning, cutting and drawing workshops, as well as the screening of a film starring our spectators, filmed on the occasion of Gates Open Day on 27 March 2015 (the film is now available online, here). The spectators had the opportunity to discuss with the actors during a Q&A Session. The main stage hosted a concert of the "Iza" Group and the release of the album "Winter Songs", followed by a presentation concert with Ada Milea, Bobo Burlăcianu, Anca Hanu and Cristian Rigman. At the end of the event, Dragoş Pop presented his stand-up comedy act, entitled "I promise you that..".

The event also hosted a Christmas fair with objects made by disabled children, Christmas decorations and hand-made jewelry and caricatures on demand made by "Caricatures to go". This year as well, Doamna T Cafe was present throughout the event. 


The activities took place on the main stage and in the theatre's foyer. 






Main stage


06.00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m.

WALTZ and SWING - dance workshop with Dina Pop

Dina Pop is choreograph and professor at Napoca Dance Westies, being one of the co-founders of the Napoca Dance Sports Association. With a vast experience in the field of classical and sportive dance, Dina has perfected her style way beyond these areas and for Gates Open Night she offers us a waltz and swing workshop.


08:00 p.m. - 08:20 p.m.

MIME versus CLOWN - DEMONSTRATION with the participants in the workshop conducted by Silvius Iorga and Tudor Lucanu, live music: Mihnea Blidariu.

We have chosen this mime vs. clown formula for our workshop because the art of the mime and that of the clown are very similar in terms of construction, both being descendants of Commedia dell'Arte, especially Arlecchino, and because they share a similar type of humor. The participants will thus be able to experience two ways of expression within the workshop and later they will present their best moments on the main stage of the theatre, in front of an audience.

The workshop will take place on 17 December 2015, from 04:00 p.m.  - 07:00 p.m., based on registration, only 20 openings available. The participants are required to bring movement clothes. Those interested (age recommendation 16+) can subscribe by writing to the following address, no later than December 15 2015.


08:30 p.m. -08:55 p.m.            
THE FILM BOOTH - film opening

The film is based on the interviews made during Gates Open Day at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, on March 27 2015. The project entitled The Film Booth invited those that attended the event to step into the booth and answer some questions in front of the camera. 63 participants wanted to answer our questions. The main purpose of this experiment was to connect with our audiences, by inviting them to share their feelings and emotions and, at the same time, to have an evidence of those meetings that we would now like to share with you.

Filming and editing: Ion Bentea, interviewer: Cristina Beligăr; consultant: S.R.; music: József Iszlai. A film by Andreea Iacob. 


09:00 p.m. - 09:50 p.m.            
Q&A Session with actors of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre: Irina WintzeAngelica NicoarăRadu Lărgeanu,Matei Rotaru.


10:00 p.m.  -10:50 p.m.            
Concert: "IZAGroup from Maramureș


11:00 p.m.  - 11:50 p.m.            
Album release: WINTER SONGS - presenter: Ion Mureșan

CONCERT with Ada MileaBobo BurlăcianuAnca HanuCristian Rigman 


00:00 - 01:00  a.m.      

"In accordance with H.G. 24/17/2015 we initiate and implement the segment "I promise you that" with a humorous value on both ways and under the guaranteed form of stand-up comedy, show functionally included in chapter 1) - social correction, paragraph 2) - market value at 60 min. The only accepted derogations are those slightly inebriated, in accordance with the law." (Dragoş Pop)



Foyer, 2nd Floor


06:00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m.            
ANIMART - OBJECT THEATRE, PAPER THEATRE - workshop with Filip Odangiu

The workshop aims at the arousing the participants curiosity and attention with regard to the surrounding objects, to seemingly valueless objects but which have a limitless expressive potential. Through practical work, we will discover that the "object theatre" is, in fact, a trampoline for a much more spectacular theatre, the one in the mind of the spectator. The object theatre is actually a theatre of a freed imagination.

06:00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m.            
PAPER CONSTELATIONS - drawing workshop with Paul Mureşan

After many years of drawing, the award-winning young artist and film animation director Paul Mureșan, proposes a pastel drawing workshop. The workshop will consist of teaching and learning this technique, through drawings having the topic "starry skies". The minimum age of prospective participants is 16.

 "It is said that we are made of stardust. In this workshop we will try to make stars from dust." (Paul Mureşan)


Throughout the event (06:00 p.m. - 01:00 a.m.):  


Foyer, 2nd Floor

CHRISTMAS FAIR with objects made by disabled children (Derzelas Association)

The Derzelas Association is a NGO which desires to create an ideal living for disabled persons by removing all social and professional barriers. The mission of the Derzelas Association is to implement, with specialized personnel, specific programs of socio-professional inclusion of disabled persons and to publicize the problems they are confronted with.  

Christmas decorations and hand-made jewelry (Orangery)

The Orangery was established in 2012, as the first hand-made gallery in Cluj-Napoca. The passion for beauty, art and fair trade are the bedrock of our activity. The products are made by local artists and craftsmen that we wish to support. You will find a wide variety of works, from painting to pottery, to jewelry and accessories, from toys and room lighting creations to natural cosmetics and house decorations, all straight from the workshops of our artists. Aside from our commercial activities, the Orangery also hosts a series of creative workshops, exhibitions and other events aimed at bringing together clients and artists. At the same time, the Orangery hosts a successful monthly event, the Jewelry Free Trade, where participants are encouraged to exchange jewelry they no longer wear without involving money

Foyer, 2nd Floor 
Caricatures on demand made by Caricatures To Go


Foyer, Rotunda

Doamna T Café

To insure the safety of the spectators attending the event, access will be permitted only according to seat availability. Thus, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre reserves the right to deny access to spectators as soon as all the available seats have been filled.