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Mrs. Viorica Samson Manea: a lover of theatre and people

Mrs. Viorica Samson Manea is the sister of the beloved director Aureliu Manea, a visionary of his generation whose name is inscribed with honor in the annals of Romanian Theatre. Since 2014, the Municipal Theatre in Turda bears his name.


Mrs. Viorica Samson Manea was directly involved in charitable projects concerned with improving the facilities and life conditions of disabled individuals. She initiated and contributed to various artistic projects in film, theatre and book editing. 

She produced the short film The Breakdown / Prăbușirea, based on a script by Aureliu Manea, director Gheorghe Preda. The film was presented at the  Mediterranean Film Festival in Montpellier, France.

Corina Moise, Vitalie Bantas, Gabriel Spahiu, Bogdan Dumitrescu, Editing Gabriel Enache, Sound Mihnea Bogos, Music Cristian Lolea.

Screenplay: Aureliu Manea

Director: Gheorghe Preda, Director of Photography: Liviu Marghidan

© Viorica Samson Manea 2011


She edited the volume Found Texts, The End of the World Will Be a Clip by Aureliu Manea, released at the Sibiu Theatre Festival in 2012, where it was presented by George Banu, Octavian Saiu, Paul Salzberger and Nicolae Prelipceanu.

She produced The Portuguese Letters of Mariana Alcoforado by Aureliu Manea, a production of the Metropolis Theatre in Bucharest, 2012.