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Postat pe 09.10.2015
Cluj-Napoca Theatre prepares the 5th edition of THE INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ

Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes the 5th edition of its annual festival THE INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, whose purpose is to promote international dialogue through theatre, and creating cultural collaborations in the national and international space. This year's edition will take place from 6 to 11 October 2015. 

Numerous international festival managers have confirmed their attendance, from countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Serbia and Turkey. Together with them, important Romanian artists and scholars such as Lucian Boia, Marcel Iureș, Marina Constantinescu, Ion Caramitru, will participate in the performances and debates of this year's edition of the festival. 

The audience will be able to attend performance from the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, "Radu Stanca" National Theatre from Sibiu, The Hungarian State Theatre from Cluj and "Aureliu Manea" Theatre from Turda. 

The 5th edition of THE INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, entitled Our Europe, opens the doors of the Cluj theatre to the great questions that concern the common socio-cultural heritage of today's European countries, through the constructive confrontations between young generations of actors and directors and the generation of experienced artists of Romanian Theatre. Constantly trying to redefine itself in the 20th and 21st centuries, the art of theatre has always reflected the European identity issues, as well as the latent answers of the quotidian multiculturalism. 

Therefore, this year's event invites you to celebrate the young spirit and to discover the theatre artistic diversity under the sign of our common Europe.