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Postat pe 11.24.2014
ELLING by Axel Hellstenius and Petter Naess and IN TRAFFIC by Alina Nelega open at the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre announces for the end of November the premiere of two performances, ELLING by Axel Hellstenius Hellstenius and Petter Naess and IN TRAFFIC by Alina Nelega.

ELLING by Axel Hellstenius will premiere on Thursday, 27 November 2014. Director and set designer: Sorin Misirianţu, assistant designer: Arhidiade Mureşan, lighting design: Jenel Moldovan. The cast comprises the following actors: Dan Chiorean, Ovidiu Crişan, Elena Ivanca, Miron Maxim, Radu Lărgeanu and Adriana Băilescu.

Elling, 40 years old, loses his mother. He is sent to an asylum where he meets Kjell Bjarne, a massive individual of the same age, innocent, virgin and always thinking of women. After two years spent in the Broynes institution, the heroes are moved, due to a special, state-financed program of social reintegration, to an apartment where they have to tend for themselves. A social assistant guides them, supervises them and teaches them how to live. Initially scared every time the phone rings or every time they have to go shopping, the two gradually find ways of adapting to society, Elling even discovering his talent as a poet. The performance presents the path to social reintegration of the two lonely heroes, frightened to face the real life. It’s a path full of humor, but also of deep human kindness.   

by Alina Nelega will premiere on Friday, 28 November 2014. Director and designer: Tudor Lucanu, cast: Irina Wintze, Anca Hanu, Patricia Brad, Angelica Nicoară, Alexandra Tarce, Diana Buluga.

"An ordinary car incident congests the traffic and provides the possibility of analysis of the inner worlds of some women with different typologies. The story of each character is emphasized, and they all have in common the aggression of the contemporary society. Physical and psychical violence, fear, family ties, lack of mercy, adultery, indifference and misogyny are just a few of the elements that transform these aggressed souls into aggressors. Violence generates violence. Hopefully, when the traffic jam decongests, everything will go back to NORMAL." (Tudor Lucanu)