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4 decembrie 2012
Cluj-Napoca National Theatre invites you to the Doors Open Night on 8 December 2012


Cluj-Napoca National Theatre organizes an event dedicated to the community in Cluj and, through that, to our colleague Mona Marian (Chirilă). The entrance will be free but we do encourage the donations in any amount you decide. The money will be redirected for the medical support of our colleague.


The Doors Open Night will present performances, concerts, recitals, workshops and a comics exhibition. During the event we will also host the Doamna T coffee shop, comics by request, Book Corner Bookstore and the theatre’s bookstore.

The program of the event


6 - 6:45pm, foaier parter

Cântarea României Reloaded

Communist poetry recital with the actors of Cluj-Napoca National Theatre


7 - 7:45pm, 2nd floor foyer

Public sale of actors - charity event in support of Mona Marian (Chirilă).


7 - 8pm, "Euphorion" Studio

Creating sounds, probably music

Music workshop with "Electron Labs"


7:00 - 7:40pm, "Art Club" Studio

Dada Trans IT

Directed by: Aristiţa Albăcan

Films and animations: Toma Albăcan

Cast: Ionuţ Caras and Cristian Grosu


8:00 - 8:45pm, 2nd floor foyer

Writing Comedy

Workshop with Dragoş Pop


9:00 - 9:30pm, 2nd floor foyer


Pantomime performance with Silvius Iorga


9:45 - 10:15pm, 2nd floor foyer

Poetry recital with Cristian Grosu


10:30 - 11:30pm, Main Hall

Concert with Ada Milea; Teodora Iacob and Sorin Zamfir; Oana Mureşan and Szép András, followed by Body percution with Romafest.


00:00am - 01:00am, Main Hall

Came in

Stand-up Comedy with Dragoş Pop


During the event

Doamna T coffee shop

Caricature exhibition and caricatures by request

Book Corner book shop and the Theatres book shop