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Adriana Băilescu | actress



28 September 1971, Bucureşti


 "Szentgyorgyi Istvan" Theatre Academy Tîrgu-Mureş, class of 1995.

Professional background:

Actress of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre since 1998.

Actress - Târgu-Mureş National Theatre (1993-1995).

Prizes received:

Award for best actress in a supporting role - Irina Wintze, Adriana Băilescu and Romina Merei, for the Selkirke Granmothers, in THE ISLAND based on Gellu Naum, at "Atelier" International Theatre Festival, 20th edition, Baia-Mare (2012).

Workshops attended:
Master-class with Andrei Şerban, Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, 2005.


Activity at the National Theatre


Other activities

- The Angel/Cook in THE COMIC HISTORY OF MAGICIAN FAUSTUS based on Marlowe and Goethe, Trupa pe Butoaie (project of UNITER), director: Victor Ioan Frunză (1995);

- The Wife/The Servant/The Little Sister in ITINERANT POPULAR FARCES, Trupa pe Butoaie (project of UNITER), director: Victor Ioan Frunză (1996);

- Sibylla in SATYRICON by Petronius, director: Victor Ioan Frunză, Târgu-Mureş National Theatre (1994);


- The Princess in the musical THE ADVENTURES OF A TIN SOLDIER by Sacha Lychy, director: Cristian Mihăilescu, Târgu-Mureş National Theatre (1993)