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Petre Băcioiu | actor



15 March 1950, Piteşti


- PhD from the Faculty of Letters, "Babeş-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca, 2008;
- "I. L. Caragiale" Theatre and Film Institute, class of 1973.

Professional background:

Actor of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre since 1976.

Prizes received:

- Order of Knight for Cultural Merits (2004).


Activity at the National Theatre


Other activities

- Narrator in SLEEPING BEAUTY based on Charles Perrault, stage adaptation and director: Gabriel Apostol, "Puck" Puppet Theatre, Cluj-Napoca, 2015.

Roles at the
"Aureliu Manea" Theatre Turda

- The Storyteller in THE PUNISHED FOX by Mircea Florian, directed by Petre Băcioiu, 2016;
- Ivan Turbincă in IVAN TURBINCĂ by Ion Creangă; adapted and directed by Daniel Vulcu, 2014;

- The policeman, The escaped, The Senator, The Chief Grave digger in ARE THERE ANY PEOPLE OUT THERE? by Oleg Bogaev; director: Tudor Lucanu, 2013;

- The Beetle, The Mole in THUMBELINA based on H. C. Andersen; adapted and directed by Horaţiu Apan, 2013;

- The Grandfather in WONDER GROVE by Mihail Sadoveanu, adapted and directed by Ioan Cristian, 2012;

- The man in FIVE MEN AND A WOMAN by Ioan Peter; director: Chris Nedea, 2012;

- Dragomir in THE SCOURGE by I. L. Caragiale; adapted and directed by Horaţiu Apan, 2012;

- Stepan Stepanovich Chubukov in WOMAN IN FLAMES based on THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL and THE BEAR by A. P. Chekhov; adapted and directed by Zoltan Schapira, 2011;

- Magician in MARY POPPINS based on P. Travers adapted and directed by Daniel Vulcu, 2011;

- Vice-praefect Balmez in THE HATCHET by Mihail Sadoveanu, adapted and directed by Ioan Cristian, 2011;

- Ion Creangă in MEMORIES OF MY BOYHOOD by Ion Creangă, adapted and directed by Doina Migleczi, 2011;

- Rocher in MILI, THE DETECTIVE SECRETARY  (THE HEN AND THE TURKEY) by Robert Thomas; director: Marius Olteanu, 2011;

- Pampon in CARNIVAL by I. L. Caragiale; director: Doina Migleczi, 2011;

- Trahanache in A LOST LETTER by I. L. Caragiale; director: Gelu Badea, 2010; 


Performances directed at the "Aureliu Manea"  Theatre Turda:


- THE PUNISHED FOX by Mircea Florian, directed by Petre Băcioiu, 2016;
- LAND OF ELVES based on Joselyn Stevenson adapted and directed by Petre Băcioiu, 2015;

- CINDERELLA based Charles Perrault; adapted and directed by Petre Băcioiu, 2015;

- SALTED FOOD based on Petre Ispirescu; adapted and directed by Petre Băcioiu; 2014;

- THE PRINCESS WITH BROKEN SHOES by Cornel Udrea, director: Petre Băcioiu, 2013;

- JUNGLE BOOK based on J. R. Kipling; adapted and directed by Petre Băcioiu, 2010; 

Other directed performances:

THE GOAT AND THE THREE KIDS... ETNO-DANCE, script by Petre Băcioiu, musical adaptation based on Ion Creangă, Baia-Mare Municipal Theatre, 2002.

Roles at the Satu-Mare Nord Theatre:

- The Manages, in SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHORby Luigi Pirandello; director: Gelu Badea, 2008;
- Lelio, in THE HONORABLE MAID, by Carlo Goldoni; director: Mihai Raicu, 1976;
- Page, in THE SIGN OF GEMINI by Valentin Munteanu, director: Mihai Raicu, 1976;
- Fugger, in MARTIN LUTHER AND THOMAS M ÜNZER by Dieter Forte, director: Mircea Marin, 1976;
- Ciriviş, in THE DUCK HEAD, by George Ciprian, director: Mircea Marin, 1976;
- Lie, in THESE SEASONS AND PATHS by Eugen Onu; director: Mihai Raicu, 1976;
- Ion, in THESE SAD ANGELS by D. R. Popescu, director: Mihai Raicu, 1975;
- Andrei Prozorov, in THREE SISTERS A. P. Checkhov, director: Mircea Marin, 1975;
- Fane Lăutarul, in I AM THE CHILDRENS FATHER by Angela Bocancea, director: Ion Deloreanu, 1975;
- Nicolae Vasiliu, in ONLY SILENCE STOOD BETWEEN US by Lia Crişan, director: Mihai Raicu, 1975;
- Cardinal Pandulph, in KING JOHN by W. Shakespeare, director: Mihai Raicu, 1975;
- Mathias, in THE STAKE by Octav Măgureanu, director: Mircea Marin, 1974;
- Ion, in THE IDOL AND ION ANAPODA by G. M. Zamfirescu, director: Ion Deloreanu, 1974;
- Apemantus, in TIMON OF ATHENS, by W. Shakespeare, director: Mihai Raicu, 1974;

- Jean, in MITICĂ POPESCU by Camil Petrescu, director: Ion Deloreanu, 1974;
- Oscar Wilde, in GOOD EVENING, MR. WILDE by Eugen Mirea, based on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Oscar Wilde, director: Mircea Marin, 1973;
- The little glass man, in COLD HEART, adapted for the stage by Eduard Covali, based on a fairy tale by W. Hauff, director: Zoe Anghel Stanca  1973.

Roles at the Cluj Napoca National Opera:

- Higgins, in MY FAIR LADY by F. Lőwe, director: George Zaharescu, 1988;
- Gioccadio, in THE MASKS by Pietro Mascagni, director: Gianpaolo Zennaro, 1986;
- Frosch, in THE BAT by J. Strauss; director: Ionel Pantea, 1985;
- Celestin-Floridor, in MADEMOISELLE NITOUCHE by F. Hervé, director: Marin Aurelian, 1983.

Film roles:

- The Editor-in-chief, in THE LEGEND OF THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER (MEMORIES FROM THE GOLDEN ERA), script: Cristian Mungiu, director: Hanno Hőfer, 2009;

- Police offices, in TORNIAMO A CASA, director: Valerio Jalongo, 1999.




- Acting and Rethorics Teacher, at the "Tudor Jarda" Popular Art School Cluj, from 2009-2010 and from 2012 o the present day.