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Diana-Ioana Licu |



9 November 1997, Ploiești


2016 – 2019:  BA in Acting, Faculty of Theatre and Television, "Babeș-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca

2012 – 2016: "Carmen Sylva" Arts High School, Ploiești, Classical Singing


Professional background:


The wife in Succubus, based on the fantastic prose of I.L. Caragiale, directed by Filip Odangiu & Sinkó Ferenc

Mirandolina in the Commedia dell’arte production Venus’s Foot, directed by Filip Odangiu & Sinkó Ferenc

Hope in Almost Maine, by John Cariani, directed by Filip Odangiu & Sinkó Ferenc

Actress 1 in The Playful School by Ioan Groşan, directed by Filip Odangiu & Sinkó Ferenc

Nina in The Seagull, based on A.P. Chekhov, directed by Ovidiu Radu

Viola in The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, exam-performance

Bălălău in The Drake Head by George Ciprian, directed by Maria Zametheea-Zamfir

Sofia Cozianu/Eleonora in Family Chronicle by Petru Dumitriu, directed by Bogdan George Rădulescu

The Mayoress in Shakespearian Kinship based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, directed by Maria Zametheea-Zamfir 



The maid / Noblewoman in My Fair Lady by Allan Jay Lerner, directed by Alice Barb, at “Toma Caragiu" Theatre, Ploiești

Pamela in The Corporation by Flavius Lucăcel, directed by Cristian Nedea, NOMAD Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

The mother in My Mother’s Courage by Georg Tabori, directed by Cristian Nedea, NOMAD Independent Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

Trixi in Group Therapy, directed by Tapasztó Ernö, at “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad

Ziţa Lungescu in The School and the Family, based on texts by I. L. Caragiale, directed by Cristian Ban, at “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad

Boulette in The Ibsen Family, directed by Cristian Ban, at “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad

Ana in Take, Yanke and Cadîr, by Victor Ion Popa, directed by Laurian Oniga, at “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad

Multiple roles in We Go Together, musical show, directed collaboratively, at “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theatre, Arad

Trudy/Agnes/Chrissy/Kate in The Human Luggage, based on a screenplay by Jane Wagner, one-woman-show

The Judge, the Jew, Constantin Zamfirescu, Raşela in Gewalt in Darabani, screenplay by Ionuţ Caras, directed by Ionuț Caras, Good Texts in Crazy Places

Ondine in Fragile, screenplay/directed by Diana Aldea, at Maidan Creative Hub, Cluj-Napoca

Workshops attended:

February 2017 – “Contact Improvisation”, led by Sinkó Ferenc
August 2017 – The “Green Raven” Summer School led by Octavian Jighirgiu
March 2017 – The “Linklater” Workshop on vocal expression led by Alessandro Fabrizi
September 2017 – Choreography Workshop led by Andrea Gavriliu
March/May 2018 – Storytelling Workshop led by Ben Haggarty
November 2018 – Choreography Workshop led by Manuel Pelmuş; with the theme: “Memory as vision, memory as transformation”, conceptual art



Muzică și dans
: Vocal - soprană, dans contemporan

Jonglerie cu foc : insturment - Poiuri

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